11 Brand-New Wedding Dress Concepts

Wedding dress

Your wedding day is a grand occasion and an excellent one for showing off your personal sense of style. If you’re ready to try something a bit more distinctive than the traditional big white dress, these modern options may lead you to some interesting directions. The latest trends produce a fresh look that still has a wonderfully feminine feel.

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Subtle Ombre

If you’d like to add just a hint of colour to your wedding dress, the latest choice is light-hued ombre to deliver the suggestion of colour you’re looking for. You can use gowns that include layers of tulle or ruffled organza to make the effect even lighter. On the other hand, if you’re ready to go bold, you can combine simple, less-textured fabrics with brighter shades.

Sheer Lattice

Combine timeless style with a strong taste of modernism by picking out a dress that includes sheer panels created using basket weave or netting. You have a range of options to pick from here – all the way from fashion-forward convertibles featuring sheer skirts and illusion necklines to subtler dresses that add delicate lattice sleeves to classic styles. Let lattice liven up your wedding and help you stand out!

Interesting Embroidery

A little delicate embroidery can do an incredible job of livening up a traditional silhouette. A little lace and sequins are traditional but modern dresses can go much further, incorporating gold details, elaborate geometric patterns, and more.

Futuristic Column

The column gown has become a classic in its own right but nothing’s stopping you from picking out your own contemporary edition. Many designers are updating the style by adding features like asymmetric necklines and more structured shapes. Tie it together with a sleek belt that makes the entire outfit pop.

Bold Color

There’s nothing stopping you from eschewing classical white entirely. Set your own standards by trying a distinctive shade. Blush is a popular alternative to white, but you won’t have any difficulty in finding a vast range of colour choices. Go with hot pink, bright blue, pistachio green, gold, or even red.

Fashionable Fringe

Fringe might initially put you in mind of a seriously outdated look like the Jazz-age flapper. Today’s trends are warming up to fringe again and it’s showing up on more and more bridal runways. Adorn a classic silhouette with a little fringe in top-quality materials like silk, crystal and pearl. Make sure the drapery is handled with skill and you could create a truly epic look.

Between Dress And Pants

This trendy, challenging look has been spotted on the runways and on some of the world’s hottest trendsetters. If Emma Watson can make a dress over pants look chic; why not appropriate that au courant style for your wedding? Get ready to play on a new level of fashion!

The High-Low Hemline

If you’ve picked out some fabulous shoes and have shapely legs to show off, your options aren’t limited to the standard minidress. Try an asymmetric silhouette that comes out shorter in the front and longer in the rear. A high-low hemline is a superb compromise between a modern look and the more classic elements you crave.

Modern Ball Gown

You don’t need to be looking at wedding dresses for too long before you realise that all ball gowns are definitely not created equal. Modern designers are revitalising the form with some wild new features. The latest take replaces the stale sweetheart bodice with a button-down collared shirt combined with a bold belt.

Lacy Rompers

Rompers have made it all the way to the bridal runway. Watters leads the charge by offering a lacey bridal romper that’s sure to make you the talk of the town.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are making inroads in every part of the fashion world and bridal outfits are no exception. Feeling bold and ready to bare some skin? Try a cropped bustier. If you’d like something a little less daring, consider a high-waist skirt combined with a boxy top.