3 Things to Think About When Buying Jewellery

Buying Jewellery

Admittedly jewellery is a luxury. The conversation revolves around knowing the karats and the cuts. The first thing that comes to mind is the elegant pieces behind the glass case all with price tags the ordinary person cannot afford (at least with one month’s salary). We forget that there are more affordable options, the kind of jewellery that focuses on craft and less on stones and precious metal.

Working around middle to lower tier prices doesn’t mean that you must change the way you wear jewellery. The price tag and the brand should not influence the way you style yourself. It is the other way around. Here are three things you need to remember when buying jewellery for any budget:

  1. Buy pieces you can work around

When shopping for anything, the flexibility of that item is always a major selling point. Pieces like a white button-down shirt and blue jeans are lauded not for their simplicity, but for the ways you can dress them up and down. When you start your collection, look for pieces that can work with multiple outfits and not just for “that one event”.

When buying necklaces look for the kinds that suit different necklines. When buying bracelets select bold and mute options. When buying earrings play with different shapes and lengths. You can choose a variety of pieces for niche events but remember that they should never be one-time wear.

  1. Each piece must reflect your personality

To avoid after purchase regrets, consider how the piece reflects your style and personality. It is an excellent way to gauge how you genuinely feel about the article apart from the current trends. Even though styles repeat through the years, with pieces from the 60s and 80s making comebacks, there is no guarantee that the one you picked will resurface in the next ten years.

Focus on what fits with you and stay true to that personal compass. Even when the trend passes, you can still wear that necklace or bracelet without feeling odd about its lack of mainstream popularity.

  1. Focus on quality and design

The fashion industry is saturated with brands that have their signature designs. When selecting your jewellery try to find the perfect balance between quality and design, without brand bias. To make objective choices never purchase an expensive piece the first time you see it. Take the time to mull over whether it has a place in your collection. Be open to small brands and other handcraft stores like MorganAndFrench.com. You might not know what kind of hidden gems are hiding right under your nose.

Look at jewellery for what it is, an extension, an accessory that ties together the greater whole. While it is essential to be aware of the technical aspects to avoid scams, don’t forget to look at how it will suit you. A real diamond or pearl does not make an outfit. Every piece should earn its place in your jewellery box, designer or not.

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