5 Most Popular Haircuts for Men in 2019


Men’s styles can be very versatile, and the decision on the cut may have a lot to do with lifestyle and work. The five most popular haircuts for men in 2019 are:

  1. Tight on the Sides, Long on the Top

A popular men’s haircuts for 2019 is a blend of a crew cut and a long shaggy cut. Around the ears and the nap of the neck should be a crew-style buzz. It should be very close to the scalp, and this effect will exaggerate the longer locks on top. The hair on top can be cut in various lengths to make the style interesting. Longer hair can be combed forward close to the eyes, and medium to short hair can be made spiky with gels.

  1. Short Taper

If the first haircut is a little too dramatic or short for you, but you still want a short style the short taper might be just what you are looking for. A short taper is still a haircut where the hair is cut at the nap of the neck, but the hair is not buzzed tight at the sides and back. It is softly tapered to the length at the top. The hair lies in a layered pattern across the scalp. This cut adds a lot of body and movement because of the taper.

  1. Medium Slick Back

A fashionable style for 2019 is the slick back, and it works well with medium length hair. The cut is made by growing or trimming the hair to the shoulder length. Your hair needs to be the same length, or you can have long layers. The hair in front is slicked back with hair products, such as pomade. Tuck the hair behind the ears for a dramatic effect.

  1. The Bun

Your hair needs to be fairly long to pull this style off. There are many ways to make it look professional or messy. The bun is a form of a man’s ponytail that is collected either in the back of the head or the top. For a clean look, pull all the hair back into a ponytail in the back of the head and tuck in all loose ends with bobby pins or clips. For a messy look, pin a loose bun on top and leave several strands hanging out. The stray hairs should have a windblown look like you just came back from the beach.

  1. Crew Cut

In 2019, the crew cut, or buzz cut, is still one of the most popular haircuts. The cut is appropriate for both work and play, and it is quick and easy to maintain, which is probably why it remains one of the top men’s cuts.