5 Tips that You must Know before Picking out a New Sparkly Dress for Your Prom


Prom is the key way to learn how to dress up for future cocktail parties that you will be attending regularly. The biggest high school event gives you a pass to changing your wardrobe. Glitz, glamour, gorgeous – these are the words that must define your closet, at a glance. And, the racks will always be incomplete without a sparkly outfit.

As you don’t want to be guilty of rocking the prom in a boring outfit, the sparkly dress is your final ticket. The intricate detailing will leave your rivals wanting to dress up just like you. And, your crush will notice the fiery side of yours.

Once you ace the party with a grand panache, then you’ll just find ways to put on a sparkly dress every now and then. However, the sparkly dresses are not very easy to carry because too much of sparkle can ruin your entire look. Now, you wouldn’t look like a fashion disaster at the most special night during your teenage days, do you? For this very reason, take a look at the following tips before trying out wish-listed sparkly prom dresses.

Focus on Your Comfort Level

The sparkle dresses completely depend on the sequin detailing. Generally, they are short in size but there are available in different styles. Instead of going with one having a mid-thigh length, you can embrace the long princess style. At any cost, make sure that you are comfortable wearing the dress. Especially, if you are riding too high, you should be careful about wardrobe malfunction. Again, if you are afraid of missing out on subtlety, a hint of lace keeps the affair simply elegant.

Getting to Know the Material

After deciding on the dress length, you should move to the fabric department. This is even more important when you are dealing with sequined dresses. This type comes with two layers of fabric for severing as lining. You can assume how itchy the attire could get if there were no backing, right! Also, the sequins are stiffly lacking the flexible factor. No matter how beautiful the fabric is, you cannot enjoy the breeziness of tulle or chiffon.

Keep the Makeup Drama to Minimal

Yes, you can be generous with the smoky eyes and color your lips with a bold shade. But, you should be very cautious about not adding glitter anywhere. Big chunks of glitter can be too much to handle. Especially, the big glittery lips are completely a no-no. If you really want to add a shimmery effect, keep it very subtle.

Be Careful about Your Accessories

You may love to flaunt big jewelry around your neck, wrist, or head. However, it is not a good idea with the sparkly dresses when the outfit should only draw attention. If you have been planning to wear a sparkly grommet, this may not be the ideal time. But, a glamorous hippie headband designed with sparkly beads may match with your attire.

In the end, on a serious note, don’t show off any glittery tattoo on your neck, shoulder, or back. Too much of glitter takes down your entire fashion statement.

Not too Tight

The sequin dresses tend to make you larger under the best possible circumstances. Sequins refract light and the sparkle makes you appear bigger. So, the fitting is a matter of concern while mulling over the sparkly dresses. It is generally recommended to pick out one size bigger for keeping up the slim allusion on point.

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Author Bio: Jenna Davis is a fashion blogger with numerous quality posts on helping you to look best with the cheap bridesmaid dresses. Here, she mentions 5 tips to remember before getting dolled up with sparkly prom dresses.