6 Beauty Products Women Should Keep In Their Purse


You can’t possibly carry your make up kit with you everywhere. Carrying around every supply in your stash seems a like overkill, but there are times when you do need some products in case of emergency. There are situations which ruin your make up and you should have proper things in your stash to counter the problems as soon as possible.

There are few things that are worthwhile to always have on hand. According to some well-known male up artists there are essential beauty buys you should keep in your bag at all times.

Cotton buds


Cotton buds are a must have in every women`s bag. You might be thinking that why would someone use cotton bud in public? Cotton buds aren’t just used to clean ears, it can be used for many purpose. you can solve all of life`s beauty blunders with a cotton bud, keeping cotton bud in your bag can clean up running eye line, smudge black shadow and liner into a gorgeous smoky look, and rein in runaway lipstick. However, you should buy good quality buds, which you can shop through http://www.allscoupon.com using discount coupons.

A Salve


The next important thing you need to have in your purse is a salve. Salve can help you out in many problems. Not only you can use this to moisturize your lips, but you can even use it to moisturize the cuticle of your fingernails. It has the tendency to create a temporary protective cover on any cut or abrasions. If you have a dry nose apply a little amount of it to sooth the irritation and you can also use it to compose your flyaway hairs. So many problems can be looked after with just a small thing, it is not just helping you with makeup but also curing small cuts on your body.

Finishing Powder


Being caught in the middle of the day with an oil slick running down your face is a makeup nightmare. For an immediate solution, always keep a translucent finishing powder in your bag. It is a translucent powder that is amazing at controlling shine without mattefying the face. This amazing powder controls oil while leaving the skin looking radiant and soft-focused. The best part is that it goes on completely clear on every complexion. If you want to look dapper at all times you must carry a finishing powder with you.

A top coat


It’s a very flexible product and can be used for many purposes. You can use it the way it was intended, to touch up nails and protect them from chipping. But these aren’t the only uses of a top coat. You can apply the top coat to costume jewelry to keep it from turning your skin green by creating a barrier between the cheap metal and your skin. It can be used on clothes as well, paint over the thread on your buttons to keep them secured. This also works the ends of shoestrings. This is a very useful product and women must carry it in their bags.

A lip and Cheek Stain


Everyone knows that the first thing to fade from your face is blush and lipstick, carrying a lipstick and blush on separately will use more space of your bag. However, we have a product known as lip and cheek stain that can refresh both blush and lip. So carrying a lip and cheek stain will surely help you.



The most important thing that you need to have in your bag is a pack of tissue paper. Tissue papers are used for various purposes. If you are sweating, just take out a tissue from your bag and clean the sweat. You can use it to blot oil and to blot lipstick. In case of emergency, like if you use a public toilet you should have a pack of tissue paper in your bag to clean your hands. Always keep a pack of tissue paper in your bag to counter problems. They aren’t costly and if you want you can use a single tissue for the same reason, more than one time.

These are some of the beauty products women should keep in their stash to counter any emergency. You should always be ready for sudden hazards.