7 Fashion Myths That Will Boost Your Self-Confidence


For those of us who have no talent for sketching, painting or even writing, fashion can be a great way to express ourselves and our creativity. However, there are those of us that get a little intimidated by fashion because of the fashion “rules” and myths that exist to “guide” as mere mortals. Well, we’re here to tell you that there are no such rules. The greatest minds and talents of fashion didn’t and will never believe in them so we might as well throw them out the window.

In this article, we will look at some of the fashion’s most pervasive myths, turn them on their heads and make them work for us. Fashion can be so serious and so intimidating sometimes that we forget that it should be a fun way to express ourselves. Below are some of these myths, the truth about them and how we can use them to our advantage.

MYTH 1: Black Is Slimming

TRUTH: It is true that black is slimming, it is also true that every woman should have a little black dress (only if she likes black!) so why is this here as a myth? It is a myth because the heavier set among us have been led to believe that the only way they would ever look presentable in their glorious renaissance bodies is to wear black. There is just one word that I can say about that—NO. Aside from that fact that you should celebrate your curves, there are other ways to look slim without having to look so severe.

Side panels, for example, popularized by Kate Winslet wearing a Stella McCartney dress, are a perfect way to add shape to your body while cinching your waist. The lines of the panels create the shape of your body while the panels themselves (usually either black or a darker color from the dress) create an illusion of a smaller body. So if you’re about and about, in the stifling heat rest assured you won’t have to wear black just to look glamorous.

MTYH 2: Class is Expensive

TRUTH: Can be true, but not necessarily. How many times have you seen somebody dress up in head to toe Louis Vuitton (real, mind you) and still look incredibly cheap? Class, my dear ladies, and gentlemen, simply cannot be bought, and I don’t care about how high up you cash is stacked, head to toe designer is STILL a bad idea.

When it comes to class, it all comes down to taste. If you look hard enough, you will often find that some cheaper items can look a lot classier because of how they are designed. Granted, it will take a trained eye and some practice to be able to know which items to choose, but you will get there. Class, like a good safe sunscreen never goes out of style.

MYTH 3: Red is A Confidence Booster

TRUTH: Yes! This is true! However, it does not necessarily mean that red is THE only color that boosts confidence. Instead of focusing on the color, focus on a style that fits your body perfectly and fits well. Red creates the impression that you’re in charge, but it is not the only way. Wearing your favorite perfume, for example, could have a more confidence boosting effect for other women.

The point is, if you don’t like red, don’t worry about it. You could wear black and still exude self-confidence.

MTYH 4: Less is more

TRUTH: Not necessarily when it comes to fashion. This decade has seen sexy come from unforgiving body-con dresses to barely there midriffs (or should I say sports bras??). We’re not knocking these trends or anything because that’s just what they are after all—trends. The problem with thinking that you have to show skin, or you have to wear something tight to look sexy is a grave misunderstanding of exactly what sexy is.

Sexy is NOT trashy; it is mysterious, classy, confident and self-assured. Sexy is good health; sexy is taking care of your body. Sexy loves your body whatever state it may be in. Sexy is finding what clothes fit your personality and your body and choosing things that are perfectly tailored for you.

MYTH 5: Some Styles Are Just Not for My Body Type

TRUTH: This can be faithful to some extent. It can be true that taller and skinner people look better in most clothes. However, a lot of times it’s not about the style but the fit of the garment. Most fast fashion stores, unfortunately, create clothes that typically look good only on the mannequin and people whose body types resemble those of mannequins. But if you have the cash to spare, or know a excellent tailor, buying from high-quality brands has its perks. Being able to expect your clothes to fit well is one of those perks. So before you completely say goodbye to that trend you want to try maybe you should consider having the garment altered to fit better your body’s unique specifications.

MYTH 6: High Heels Are Always More Sophisticated Than Flats

TRUTH: Heels with covered platforms anyone? These “hooker” shoes were all the rage around 2008, and they ruined the reputation of high heels forever. If you ever had to choose between platform heels and good quality ballet flats, choose the latter ladies, please. Don’t believe whatever the latest lifestyle news say, always go with what makes you look and feel good.

MYTH 7: You Need Cash to Look like A Million Bucks

God knows we’d all like to receive a million bucks but thankfully, you don’t need it to look and feel fabulous. Nina Garcia once said that it is typically women with the limited budget who eventually develop a keen sense of style. Because they don’t have access to daddy’s credit card, they had to be especially discerning about the items they bought.