7 Social Media Tips For People With Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

Other than phone, email and instant messaging; social media is also an important relation tool, especially for people who are separated by a wide distance. There are a number of social media guidelines that people with long distance relationship should consider:

  1. Use appropriate relationship status:

Imagine what if someone is going after our boyfriend or girlfriend. One effective way to stop this threat is by using proper relationship status on our social media page. Use the “in a relationship with” status, to let others know that our lover is no longer available. When we or our lover have a slight temptation to be unfaithful, the status could also stop the potentially bad situation from escalating.

  1. Have picture together and use it for the profile:

It’s important to use a picture that shows us as a couple. This would tell any potential hunter that our lover is take and perfectly happy with current relationship. This shouldn’t leave any room for unwanted opportunity.

  1. Share inspiring posts about our relationship:

Reading posts that our lover sends about our relationship can be very pleasant. This makes us feeling being cared about. It is important to write a comment and post something similar in the near future. Sharing is caring and in this case, it also tells everyone that we are being serious with the relationship. But obviously, we shouldn’t overdo it.

  1. Go online together at specific time:

This is something that people should do when they have long distance relationship. We should have an agreement on when we should use social media platforms together. Couples can determine when they should have a chat through the built-in instant messaging feature. It is also a good idea to post something on the wall and have an active conversation for others to see.

  1. Avoid online arguments:

Couples shouldn’t argue online, because everyone can immediately see the embarrassing acts of maturity. It is a much better idea to take any argument offline and find a solution in more mature ways. This way, we won’t make a fool of ourselves.

  1. Create a private nest in social media:

There’s a time when having privacy time in social media is necessary and it can go beyond the usual instant messaging feature. As an example, it is possible to create a couple of new Facebook accounts as your alternate secret identities. We can also make a secret Facebook group where only two of you as member. This is a perfect private Love Nest where we can share private stuff and express our lives. And if it comes to it, it is an ideal place to have an “online fight” and this give couple a good opportunity to reflect on their relationships.

  1. Avoid too much public conversations with girlfriends or boyfriends:

This may seem like an innocent thing to do for many of use, but having too much online conversation with girlfriends or boyfriends can set our partner on fire. It is also annoying to see our lovers engage in prolonged conversations with friends of opposite sex.