7 Ways To Style Your Versace Polo T-Shirts For Any Occasion

Polo T-Shirts

Gone were the days when Polo t-shirts were used to be worn by tennis players and golfers. Now it has become a fashion statement for many celebrities out there. You might have seen Scott Disick flexing his polo t-shirts in family outings, casual lunch, etc. if you have been “Keeping Up with Kardashians.”

Not just this, Harry Potter star Danielle Radcliffe also openly displays his love for polos t-shirts. It is one of the clothing pieces that is owned by every man out there. So, if you are someone who is bored out of your mind and wants to try something new with your     Versace polo t shirt, then here we have something for you. In this blog, we will discover ways to style your Versace Polo T shirt for any occasion.

Elegant Ways to Wear Stylish Versace Polo T-shirt

If you are the one who secretly hopes for a spotlight or wants to become the centre of attraction of an event, then you need to get out of that box—enough of yours wearing clothing in the same mundane way. The point here is why to be in a cookie-cutter when the sky is your limit. And it’s not like you have to empty your pockets to buy your favourite Versace polo. You can try out different styles in the same pool. You might be doubting us, Right? So, let us present to you the best way to wear Versace Polo t-shirts.

1. Polo T-shirt with Chinos

The very first way to spice up your look is to try out a Versace Polo t shirt with Chinos. Chinos, which lie somewhere between semi-formal and fashionable casual, are a great way to finish an outfit with a polo t-shirt. Tuck your top half in the pants for a clean and beautiful look, and complete the look with sneakers, black shoes, or athletic footwear.

2. Polo T-shirt with Shorts

Polos t-shirts can be a great combination with shorts. When the summer is too much for you, then you can try out a Versace polo t shirt with shorts pants. Who would have thought that shorts could look that great with polos? When selecting colours of polos to match with your shorts, it is best to go with monochrome colours.

3. Polo T-shirt with Jeans

This is a universal style. Wearing your polos with denim can go with any occasion. Attending a house party or a casual lunch, you can try out your Versace polo t shirt with jeans.

4. Polo T-shirt with White Pants

Polos look great with white pants. This is the combination that must be tried on. You can style your dark-coloured polo t-shirts with white pants. To mix up things a little, you can try to go with piping polo t-shirts.

5. Polo T-shirt with Blazer

From a quiet dinner at a restaurant to business attire days, a polo shirt and blazer look fabulous together. At more formal events, wear a dark suit with a cream or black polo shirt. Wear a bright polo shirt to distinguish from the hive and add little excitement to the game.

6. Polo T-shirts with Plaids

Most people will find little over the board, but a polo t-shirt with plaids looks terrific. To achieve a relaxed, minimalist, and classic look, pair your Versace polo t shirt with checkered slacks or plaids.

7. Polo T-shirt with Sweatpants

Polos are known to be comfortable clothing and what is more comfortable than sweatpants. Wear a polo shirt with sweatpants to keep it casual and relaxed. Finish the ensemble with a vacation bag and fashionable low-top sneakers.

While shopping for your polos t-shirts, don’t overlook the size. Polos look great, but they should be in perfect sizing to create an impression that lasts forever.