8 Ways To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Works

Long Distance Relationship Works

For many people, long distance relationships (LDR) are dreadful, especially when they see other couples walk happily hand-in-hand on the park. But does LDR works? How can we keep on staying faithful and loving someone if we are unable to meet him/her? These things can make you achieve that:

  1. Always communicate:

Communication is the key and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Lack of communication may make our relationship quivers and eventually dies. We should give communication the utmost importance and keeps it open. From email to text message to phone calls to instant messaging to postcards, there so many ways to keep the communication line open.

  1. Send off adorable packages regularly:

This could be an adorable scrapbook or a box of chocolate. The type of gift is limited to our imagination and we should engage ourselves by trying to be particularly creative.

  1. Keep yourself properly busy:

We shouldn’t just sit and wait endlessly for our lover to arrive. This is a miserable way to spend our time and may actually stunt our personal growth. We have to be properly focused in ourselves and get in touch with our creative self. During our spare time, we can read books to grow ourselves emotionally and intellectually.

  1. Always be honest:

Honesty is the true path towards lasting relationship and true intimacy. Total honesty in its fullest sense is important. We should be authentic and try to tell only the truth about our boundaries, issues, wants, needs, feelings, thoughts and other things. This is an essential factor if we want to make our relationship really last.

  1. Prioritize trust:

In any relationship, trust is a fundamental aspect, because it can take away a truckload of doubt. When we are being trustworthy and also trust our lover, there’s no reason to question the relationship. People with LDR should learn to value trust and push away negative thoughts.

  1. Keep a commitment:

People with LDR should be committed and learn how to commit. One likely reason why LDR fails is that both parties can’t have their commitment. Many people are simply unable to withstand the test of time. LDR requires us to commit ourselves without shilly-shallying. This should keep our passion and love alive.

  1. Be patient:

Keeping a long distance relationship intact often requires perseverance and steadfast motivation. People who don’t posses this kind of qualities and are involved in LDR should learn to be especially patient. They need to keep their focus only good aspects of this relationship and be optimistic. It is important to value our partner and the entire relationship. By willing to undergo the relationship patiently, we could let our partner know that we love him/her.

  1. Use webcam:

This should be applicable for many people, because computer and reliable Internet connection are widely available. Alternatively, we could go to the nearest Internet cafe and choose computers with webcam attached. Using webcam can be especially exciting and very fun. When using instant messaging with webcam, the sight of our partner smiling when he/she sees our messages can really melt our heart.