A Guide to Successful Bar Management


Running a bar requires many skills, and it takes a special type of person to be successful in this fast moving industry. Above all, a successful bar manager would be a people person, with excellent communication skills, and add to that a generous helping of organisational skills, and you have the makings of a good bar manager. The manager must have two faces, one for the customers, and the other to deal with the logistics that come with running a drinking establishment.

Preparation and Planning

There are many essential items to prepare for the daily opening, and not only that, you will need a constant supply for the entire day and night, which requires a lot of planning and preparation. Ice is one thing a bar can never be without, and if your establishment is located in Western Australia, and you are looking for a top quality ice machine in Perth, there are established suppliers of all the best brands, at affordable prices. All equipment would need regular maintenance, which would be scheduled during closing hours, and this would typically be outsourced to a third party, who would be contracted to maintain and repair the range of appliances that this type of business would use.

Good Communication

Whether chatting with a customer or describing a process to an employee, the manager must possess good communication skills, with staff motivation and training a critical component that demands attention. Research tells us that bat staff attitude really counts for the customer, and if a person has the right characteristics, they would be friendly and outgoing, and be able to work under pressure. A very big bar might have up to twenty staff members, and in this situation, creating a positive team spirit is vital, and providing everyone is doing their job, revenues should be up, and some recognition is in order.

The Ordering Process

This would be something that a good manager would have down to a fine art. Using modern technology makes this a simple operation, as you have all your suppliers’ numbers in your smartphone memory, and if you are dealing with an online wholesaler, you can login at any time and place an order. Your mobile device can do a lot more than just make and receive calls, and with specific calendars and reminder notifications, you will never forget anything important. The voice recorder app is an ideal way of storing an important comment that comes into your head, and you can even access all your accounting via the Internet.

Looking for Improvements

A good bar manager would not sit back and allow things to continue without some form of direction. Innovative events, such as quiz nights and live music would be on offer, and depending on the clientele, suitable promotional activities would ensure a high level of interest. The interior would need to be rearranged from time to time, and it would be a mistake to overlook the marketing potential of the Internet, therefore a bar website is an absolute must.

If the manager has their act together, the wheels turn smoothly, and with the ability to think outside the box, the bar and its unique ambience should draw in a large client base from which to build on.