Aquamarine engagement ring: The Ring with a blue Diamond

Aquamarine engagement ring

Aquamarine is a kind of beryl that appears in shades of dark blue to light blue. The various hues of blue color make this particular beryl very distinctive and beautiful. Aquamarine was named such because it reflects the color of the sea very beautifully. The beryl has a divine history. The stone was known as the sailor’s stone because it was believed that the stone calms the sea and prevent seasickness. An interesting fact about the aquamarine gemstone is that it is dichroic sometimes looking blue and sometimes colorless which depends on the angle from which you are looking at it. Aquamarine gemstone is used for various purposes and one of them is making rings from these magnificent gemstones.

Engagement of two Souls

When two individuals are madly in love with each other, they take a step forward in their relationship and that is when they decide to get engaged. This step of engagement holds a very important place in their relationship. Engagement to them is not just exchanging rings with each other but a promise to each other to always stay together in happiness and sadness or whatever the circumstances are. Thus choosing a ring becomes very crucial as it’s not just a ring of metal and stones rather it holds great sentiments and most importantly loves.

Why Should You Choose Aquamarine Engagement Rings ?

While searching a ring for your partner, you want a ring that is beautiful to look at, and at the same time, you want your partner to connect with that ring. You exchange a ring with your partner as a sign of love and commitment towards each other. You really might get frustrated choosing the perfect ring; a ring with which your partner will instantly fall in love.

Aquamarine ring is the answer to your deliberate search and numerous doubts about rings. Aquamarine Engagement Rings are beautiful looking because of its crystal clear blue hues. They appear in magnificent icy blue color which amazes everyone. You surely want your partner to love the ring which you are giving her as a sign of your love and commitment. It is indeed the ring with which your partner will fall in love instantly.

History and Divine Qualities

Aquamarine has a very amazing history as famous as it’s beauty. It is also famous for their divine qualities. It was known as the sailor’s stone. Sailors believed that these stones hold good luck for them as they calm the sea and help them in their sea voyage and prevent their seasickness. The aquamarine stone is also believed to be a mirror that reflects the hidden meanings of reality. The stone holds great value for prophets because it is helpful and conducive for meditation and revelation. Aquamarine is also believed to have mysterious energy that helps an individual explore the deepest and darkest depths of his or her soul and confront them.

One of The Best Engagement Rings

An aquamarine ring is very appreciated as a crystal of love. This loving crystal is a symbol of compassion and harmony. It is believed to have the power of making a relationship more strong and enduring. It is also believed as an eternity ring that brings more love, commitment, and fidelity between both the partners.  When two different individuals get engaged and come to live together for a lifetime, they might face various problems in adjustment and with their differences. Aquamarine known as the symbol of love keeps up the harmony in the relationship and helps partners keep up with their differences peacefully and give them more strength to deal with all kinds of circumstances. The ring gives you both the energy to express your love for each other on a daily basis through small gestures.

The Blue Diamond

The icy blue aquamarine ring is also a symbol of courage and communication. It is also known as Blue Diamond. It helps the partners to communicate with each other in an open heart and understand each other’s emotions, which makes their relationship more enduring. This ring is also believed to make partners come back to each other every time.

Giving an aquamarine ring to your partner on your engagement would definitely be one of the best decisions you have ever made. As the aquamarine ring is not only beautiful and heart-warming but it is a big gift to your relationship. That gift which will make your relationship more strong, harmonious, prosperous, and enduring. It is the ring that will bring a lifetime of happiness and love.

How Long Aquamarine Rings Last ?

When you buy a ring which is not diamond, you always have this doubt whether it will last long enough or not. Aquamarine ring will last very long along with its gorgeousness. Rings made with aquamarine stone are tough and their color is stable for a very long period. However, they should not have any encounter with heat exposure and hydrofluoric acid.

You can keep it clean with warm soapy water. When it is soaked in the water for several minutes you can take a soft-bristled toothbrush and clean the stone. After cleaning it properly remember to wipe it with a soft cloth. After cleaning it you will again wear your crystal cleared blue gemstone ring.


An engagement ring is a commitment to your partner which symbolizes your promise to love your partner throughout a lifetime. Choosing an aquamarine ring would be a great decision because you will be gifting your partner a lifetime of happiness. Aquamarine ring is very beautiful, gorgeous, and at the same time, it contributes to your relationship tremendously. It keeps up the love, harmony, fidelity, and compassion in the relationship. It gives them the courage to deal with the difficult situation so that you and your partner will always find a way back to each.

So, if you are searching for a beautiful engagement ring, you should absolutely go for the gorgeous aquamarine ring. You may always choose the blue diamond for your loved one. He or she must be happier than having a common diamond engagement ring.