Beaded dresses and other fashion trends for 2018


The year of 2018 is certainly the year of new developments in the fashion industry. If the Met Gala brought us some mesmerizing pieces that were glowing at all social media mentions (we’re looking at you, Karolina Kournikova), beads couldn’t miss the spotlight this year. They’re glowing, they’re impressive and they certainly succeed to bring all the eyes on the wearer. So, if you’re not shy to receive all the attention at that special event you will attend, we advise investing is such pieces for full rates of success. Below we have some good reasons to invest in such dresses and several other styles that are going to be big in 2018.

Beaded dresses will make you shine

Naturally, all women want to make themselves remarked through their outfits at all special event that they attend. Luckily, beaded dresses certainly succeed to make the wearer enjoy the full attention and while making themselves feel incredibly confident. While these dresses are not easy to wear, the visual effect created by such outfits is an astounding one. However, before purchasing the first dress of this kind that you lay eyes on, it would be ideal to do some research. If you want to enjoy an exquisite dress, research the manufacturer, retailer, and the fabrics which seem to work best for these types of dresses. The beads should also have a decent quality, as you don’t want to draw the attention for the wrong reasons. When it comes to accessorizing these dresses, less is more. In this case, none is definitely better, because your dress itself is a stunning accessory.

Summer dress trends are all about Crayola colours

Strong, vibrant colours seem to be the hot trend of the summer of 2018, and we couldn’t be happier. The dresses combine femininity with a strong personality, and solid colours seem to be the hottest trend of this year. Tomato red, cobalt, vibrant shades of canary yellow, these all are the go-to styles for casual dresses this year. If you are daring enough, give those a try and show off your stunning personality, as part of your amazing sense of style.

Fringes make a strong entrance

Big, statement fringes are a style that won’t simply go away in 2018. The clothing articles seem to integrate those more and more and by the summer, fringes will be the celebrity of the season. From dresses to trimmings to bags and accessories, you will find these details everywhere.

Palm beach cool

A mad combination of colourful swirls, turbans and crazy colour, this is how this summer is looking. If you’re wondering where this whole trend emerged from, Marc Jacobs is the answer. And if the style icon and reputable designer isn’t right when it comes to styles and rends, we don’t know who is, then.

These are only some of the popular trends that will invade our closets in 2018 in terms of dresses, patterns and textures. Whatever you choose to rock this season, make sure that it suits your personality and style.


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