Brief History Of Citizen Watch For Men and Women


Everything started back in 1918 when Shokosha Watch Research Institute created the first Citizen watch. They are also manufacturers of Cincom precision lathe machine, but they gained the central prominence by founding this particular brand of watch.

When it comes to trade name, they sold it in 1924, and since then they became one of the most prominent manufacturers of high-quality watches for all styles and statuses. Today, they still develop watches by using advanced technology such as Eco-drive range.

First Watch That Uses Solar Energy


Eco-Drive is an excellent solution because they made it in a completely eco-friendly environment that use light power as the energy to keep mechanism working. Finally, you can rest assured because you will be able to use it for a lifetime without spending money on batteries and creating environmental devastation.

You can find numerous range of features and styles because Citizen watches use exceptional quality and technology. Even though Swiss are leaders in mechanical technology, Citizen is an innovator in quartz technology especially because Eco-Drive has a unique way of gaining power in combination with the most beautiful designs in the worldwide watchmaking industry. You can find more about it by clicking here.

The best thing about it is that they create every single part of their watches, and according to statistics one of every four watches comes from this particular brand. It is a fantastic solution that made a breakthrough in today’s world, which is why you will see someone wearing it outside.

All watches that you can find by Citizen contains Eco-Drive feature which is fantastic technology that drains power from any artificial or natural light source. Apart from that it uses the source and converts it into energy that later enters Eco-Drive energy cell.

 Therefore, you will get a watch that continuously recharges itself forever. You can rest assured because finally, you don’t have to purchase replacement battery after a while.



All across the world and in the USA, the first thing that pops everyone in mind when they hear about Citizen watches is Eco-Drive feature. We have mentioned above that they use a specific system, but here we will tell you a comprehensive presentation of this particular brand.

Eco-Drive watches contain a solar panel underneath the face of the watch, which will consume the energy, or quartz power source, almost forever. You should have in mind that all Eco-Drive watches have their manufacture in Japan, which means that you will get unique craftsmanship.

Apart from that, you can find and determine these watches because they bear logo and colors of Blue Angels. It is part of Skyhawk line that uses Eco-Drive as a primary source. Due to blue and gold as trademark colors, or Blue Angels, the watch won’t wear off like other brands on the market.

They started eight decades ago, and since then they have always been ahead of their time. The brand stands for high precision and innovations that will give you peace of mind when it comes to charging and provide you unusual aesthetical appeal that will match any style you prefer.

Brief History

In 1924, Shokosha Watch Research Institute produced the first line of watches. Mr. Shimpie Goto, who was the Mayor of Tokyo, gave its name with the idea that watch becomes widely available for the general population and ordinary citizens all across the globe.

If you want to learn more on who Mr. Shimpie Goto was, we recommend you to check this particular website:

It is important to mention that before then only rich people wore watches because they were difficult to produce which lead to their expensive price tag. Soon afterward, their wishes came true because due to groundbreaking technologies they increased production and made it a primary part of everyday lives for everyone in Japan and worldwide.

In 1956, they introduced a Parashock watch, which was the first shock resistant watch made by this particular manufacturer. This is another proof that they were always ahead of the time. Apart from that, three years later, they created Parawater which was the first water-resistant watch in Japan.

Since then, the technological advancement that changed the way watches functions started with Eco-Drive system. It reduced the hassle of changing batteries because before then, watches were not persistent and efficient enough.

As battery wore off, people would notice that watch started to show late hours. This system allowed people to rest assured and to eliminate the need to think ahead to change batteries. It is a significant revolution and innovation that entered watch industry because apart from convenience, it comes with environment-friendly features.

In 2003, they continued to be ahead of their time and to evolve which resulted in the launch of Stiletto. You’ve probably heard about world’s thinnest light-powered watch, that combines sleek, refined and sophisticated bracelet and case from 4.4mm thickness.

You should have in mind that Citizen company creates more than just watches. Their company’s business represents only 40% in the watch industry, while they make high-quality eyeglass frames, jewelry, clocks and healthcare products.

They employ more than 300 scientists and engineers, as well as designers that work on new watches and technology in their research center. That is the main reason why they repeatedly created new standards and employed new technologies in the watch industry.

Chronological List Of Achievements

  • 1975 – They created the most accurate watch in the world that suppressed even Swiss companies.
  • 1976 – They developed a first solar watch
  • 1978 – The first watch with a width of less than one millimeter, which was the slimmest watch on the market
  • 1983 – The first watch with a thermometer which was waterproof up to 100 meters.
  • 1985 – They developed first diver’s watch that included an electronic depth gauge
  • 1987 – The first watch made of titanium, which was unbreakable.
  • 1990 – They created first watch for multiple time zones
  • 1994 – They developed a diving watch that included PC interface, which was something thoroughly advanced
  • 1995 – They introduced Eco-Drive technology
  • 2000 – They created Eco-Drive Vitro that featured unique and specialized photocells so that you could get the transparent glass face, which was utterly revolutionary design when compared with other watch brands on the market.