Business Dresses You Cant Ignore Now

Business Dresses

The routine of entrepreneurs in small businesses can be so diverse that it is often difficult to know what to wear in order to spend the morning at the office, have lunch with a client and try a loan at the bank at the end of the day. According to a survey by the American consultancy Harris Interactive, good looks which are not about physical beauty are more confident. For 90% of respondents, those who dress up the most are more likely to make a good first impression. The use of the best business dresses comes perfect here.

In order not to make a mistake when choosing clothes and making a good impression, the expert indicated how to be ready for several occasions in the entrepreneurial routine. In the photos, movie scenes exemplify what the consultant considers most appropriate for each circumstance. In case of

Day by day

Even if you work from home, you can’t spend the day in pajamas or gym clothes. For Marcele, the key is to combine elegance and comfort. “Even if the environment allows for more casual clothes, some should never enter the professional dress code, such as shorts, shorts, T-shirts, short skirts, low-cut blouses or with transparency,” he says. In addition, the tip is to define a standard of formality is important, depending on the area of ​​expertise. In more informal settings, women can wear sneakers, like the one worn by Katherine Heigl in the scene from the film The Bare and Truth, and men, untied social shoes.

Have lunch with a customer

Lunch may seem like a more informal moment, but it is similar to a conversation with the bank manager: it is necessary to gain the trust of the interlocutor, to prove that he is capable. “For this, the dress is similar: pants and a dress shirt. In this case, color is even more important: light tones at the top like white or off white do not create barriers between people”, he says. In the photo, George Clooney acting in the film Love Without Scales.

A business trip

On business trips, the entrepreneur’s schedule is usually tight and there is not always time to go to the hotel to change clothes. “Here it is important to think of a look that can be transformed, because on the plane you need comfort and in the meeting you need an impeccable look”, he says. The consultant’s tip is to choose a more comfortable fabric bottom that doesn’t crumple, and take a shirt to wear when disembarking.

A meeting with employees

If it is a day-to-day meeting, it is the same as the entrepreneur already uses in daily activities. If the goal is a special meeting, to talk about results, for example, it may demand more from the entrepreneur.

Happy hour

In this situation, the most causal look is released. Wear dark jeans or dress pants and a slightly more colorful shirt.

Go to a trade show or business event

For business events, the tip is practicality. You will need to sell your fish all the time, you will gesture, you will move around, so you need to combine elegance and practicality: focus on choosing fabrics that are comfortable and remain visually in order to endure the workday.