Buy a real diamond ring for gifting it to your loved one


Diamond is a precious stone and if you are looking forward to give a gift to your loved one then you can consider gifting a diamond ring. There are amazing diamond designs available in the market and you can get one as per your desire. Basically, diamond comes in a huge variety of colors like black, blue, yellow etc and you can choose your desirable color.

What are the common characteristics of a real diamond?

Hardness – the hardness of the diamond is able to resist the heavy impact so you can not break the diamond in two or more pieces. If you are going to buy a diamond ring then you can drop it to ensure that the diamond is real or fake. If the stone breaks in several pieces then you should not buy it.

Different in colors – diamond comes in several colors. If you are going to buy a colored diamond then you should ask your jeweler for the explanation of the diamond.  There are some rare colors of diamond also available like pink, blue and yellow and so you should be careful while buying these rare diamonds.

It can scratch anything – as you know that the real diamond is the hardest form of stone. Thus, it can scratch any kind of surface without getting any damage to its surface. Before buying any diamond, you should scratch the glass surface. If the edge of the diamond is damaged then it is not a real diamond.

Bad conductor of the heat – as the other non-metals, it is also a bad conductor of heat. If you keep it in heat then it will not break or melt. The real diamond is resistant to high heat. If it includes the impurities then it will melt in high heat.

Cannot see through – if you want to read anything from the real diamond then you will never be able to read the printed papers and words.  If you want to buy a real diamond then you should take a printed paper and check the transparency of the diamond. It is the best way to ensure the authenticity of the diamond.

Gray shades – the most common feature of the diamond is that it reflects the light with the grey shades. If you want to determine that your diamond is real then you should pass the light through the diamond and look all the rays and grey shades.