When Upgrades Are Not Really Upgrades


The word ‘upgrade’ implies improvement, does it not? Software upgrades are supposed to make software packages better or more secure. An upgrade to your airline tickets is supposed to mean better seats. For some reason though, not all upgrades are for the better. Some upgrades are really not upgrades at all.

Perhaps it’s a matter of personal preference. Then again, there are some upgrades that can be demonstrated factually. Whether or not what is purported to be an upgrade actually is depends on a whole host of factors, many of which are particular to that product or service.

What does this all lead to? The inevitable fact that each of us gets to decide for ourselves whether or not purported upgrades are legitimate. If you think something is an upgrade, it is. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about it. Likewise, if you think a purported upgrade has made a product worse, then it’s worse for you.

 From Rubbers to Shoe Covers

Upgrading from rubbers to shoe covers is something that can be examined in a tangible way. Let’s say you start with thin, latex rubbers that only cost you $5.00 on Amazon. You wear them a few times before one of them rips. Now it’s back to Amazon for another pair. How many pairs will you buy in a given year?

You could upgrade to a pair of waterproof shoe covers from Salt Lake City’s GC Tech. They are made with a waterproof but breathable fabric, a fabric that is tough enough to withstand normal wear and tear. You will spend more, but they are likely to last you for several years. It is a clear upgrade. Whether or not it’s worth the cost is up to you.

The point being made here is that even demonstrably provable upgrades may not necessarily be positive. Consumers might not be willing to pay a higher price for upgraded products if they feel they aren’t getting value for money.

 From Old Software to New

Upgrading from rubbers to shoe covers is one thing. Upgrading software packages is an entirely different matter. When it comes to software, the value of a product’s upgrades are less quantifiable. And unfortunately, software upgrades often create conflict between developers and users.

As an example, Canonical came out with a new version of its Ubuntu OS in 2010. Its main selling point was a proprietary user interface (UI) that Canonical hoped would enable them to bring convergence to the desktop, phone, and tablet. To make a long story short, a lot of long time Ubuntu users hated it.

The new UI was presented as a complete upgrade. Users had other ideas. Over the next eight years, Canonical continued upgrading it in hopes of finding a sweet spot that would satisfy most users. They failed. The UI was ultimately abandoned in favor of a new version of the previous UI.

 Different Visions

Software is an area in which upgrades do not always make people happy. Developers have one idea of how software should work; users have a completely different idea. Then there’s the problem of developers just assuming that users want to do things differently. Some developers even believe that it’s their responsibility to force users to learn new ways to do things. In the end, it is really a difference in visions.

A careful examination suggests that upgrades are fluid. Just because an organization refers to a product or service as being upgraded doesn’t necessarily mean users of that product or service will agree. One man’s upgrades are often another man’s disaster. It is a law of nature.


Best Leather Products And Decorative Items In Market

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Use This Guide When Buying Sunglasses – READ HERE

Everyone knows that sunglasses, whether on the road or the water, make it easier to see on a sunny day. However, the safest protection for preventing ultraviolet (UV) rays from causing short-and long-term eye harm is wearing the right sunglasses.

Studies have shown that accumulated sun exposure to ultraviolet can increase the risk of cataracts, the world’s leading cause of blindness, pterygium development, and many eye cancer forms. Although anyone can potentially suffer these conditions, children, and people with light-colored eyes should be particularly vigilant because their eyes might be more vulnerable to sun-ray damage. This is why it is of utmost importance that you consider buying the right pair of sunglasses that are suitable for your eyes and what you personally need.

To help the public better shield their eyes from the glare, this article shares a list of essential factors to consider when buying sunglasses:

  • Ensure a hundred percent of it. A sticker or tag showing that they block 100 percent of UV rays is the most critical thing to look for when purchasing sunglasses to protect your eyes. However, fewer than half of the people who buy sunglasses bother to check whether the lenses shield the eyes from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Better to choose a larger frame.The more shielding from sunglasses, the less damage to the eyes caused by the sun. Consider purchasing bulky glasses or wraparound-style glasses, which lessen the impact on UV entering the eye from the hand.
  • Darker lenses don’t have better security. Although very dark lenses might look nice, more UV rays do not necessarily block them.
  • No matter the hue. Some sunglasses come with lenses that are amber, green, or grey. They do not block more light, but contrast can increase, which can help athletes who play sports such as baseball or golf.
  • Polarized lenses cut UV glare.Polarization decreases glare coming off reflective surfaces such as water or pavement. This does not provide more cover from the sun but makes it safer or more fun for driving or being on the water.
  • Cost does not have to be a consideration.To work well, sunglasses do not need to cost a lot of money. Less expensive pairs classified as 100% UV-blocking can be just as powerful as more expensive alternatives.

Final Thoughts

It can be overwhelming to shop for sunglasses, particularly online. Many styles come in different sizes, and each brand tries to promote various characteristics. Most importantly, to avoid breakage and scratches, sunglasses should be stored in a soft case when nose pads or limbs break off. It is recommended that clients bring an optician with their sunglasses. They’ll even clean the lenses and patch worn-out nose pads while they’re fixing the sunglasses. It is even more important to buy sunglasses from a reliable shop such as the eye lab.


4 Different Types Of Wigs That Can Be Worn For a Number Of Different Situations.

We are always trying to look our best nowadays and even the men are getting in on it. It’s always good to look great, especially in a business situation and when you are meeting someone for the first time. We also like to change our appearance from time to time and get out from under the mundane life that we currently have. One great way to change how you look is to wear a wig.

Wigs are great and they can give us a whole new look and there are occasions when wearing a wig helps us to manage our illness. There are many styles and colours to choose from including synthetic and real hair.

  1. Synthetic wigs are by far the most popular in the United Kingdom. It allows the manufacturer to create wigs in almost any colour imaginable. These are great to wear for fun at office parties or at Halloween to complete your costume.
  1. Human hair wigs are more expensive and they come in natural colours and are already pre-styled. The great thing about that is that you can restyle them again and again, much like you would with your normal hair.
  1. Monofilament wigs are designed for those of us who have a sensitive scalp. They give a more natural look for the wearer.
  1. Lace front wigs come with all the above wigs, but with one difference. There is a skin coloured lace located at the front of the hairline to imitate natural growth.

Whether you need a wig just for the sheer fun or for medical reasons, your trusted wigs supplier in Portsmouth will be able to meet your needs.


Prepping for a New Year party? We sort you out

The New Year beckons, but first, let’s party! Here’s how you prep for it.

New Year parties are always fun. You catch up with friends over drinks and snacks, talk and laugh, and then hit the dance floor with a vengeance. But you want to look super sexy even as you usher in the new year, and that takes some amount of preparation.

We help you get ready for this year’s party:

* Get your dress, makeup and accessories sorted first.First things first – what are you wearing? Do you already have a dress or do you need to go buy it? Get your dress sorted first, and have it dry cleaned in time. Next, plan your make-up, jewellery, clutch and shoes to go with the dress. Once this is sorted, you can start on skin and hair grooming.

* Remove unwanted hair from your body.You will dance the night away, looking super glam and turning heads wherever you go – but hopefully, you won’t turn heads for the wrong reasons! Get your skin hair-free in time for the party, so you won’t have to worry about your dress riding up and exposing the hair on your thigh, or underarm hair poking out of your short sleeves. Get a box of cold wax strips to remove the unwanted hair from your arms and legs. Do this at least two days before the party, so that your skin can ‘settle’ down. You can remove unwanted hair from the underarms and bikini line also, using cold wax strips. Or if you are afraid of the pain, you can try a depilation cream instead.

* Prep your skin. Now that you have removed unwanted hair from the skin, it is time to prep your skin so that it looks and feels its best on the night of the party. Cleansing, toning and moisturising is a must. These will keep your skin healthy and refreshed, apart from hydrating for the cold winter nights. After prepping the skin, you can choose the makeup you want to wear: concealer, primer, foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick and lip liner. You will also need hair spray and serum to keep your hair settled and hydrated. Get it all sorted in the right colour scheme and order at least a day before the party.

* Get into your dress, wear those heels and have a great time! Now all that remains is to leave for the party. Have a long shower with warm water, and shampoo and condition your hair carefully. Once you’re out of the shower, blow dry and set your hair. Now proceed to do your makeup. Slip into your dress, wear your jewellery, carry your clutch and get into your shoes. All that now remains is to dazzle the world with your clear skin and flawless beauty!


Why French Press and Not Others

You’re probably a coffee lover – that’s why you end up in this article. You might already know that drinking coffee is much more than just to kick-start your morning routine. However, you may also feel that getting a cup of your favorite coffee mocha from the local coffee shop seems to be a daunting daily task. But why not make brew your own coffee with a french press coffee maker instead?

Perks of French Press Coffee

You might wonder why of all the coffee brewing devices out there, many coffee enthusiasts would still suggest the french press. Well, just read on to gain information.

French Press Makes a Fuller Flavor

The French press coffee brewing device doesn’t utilize a paper filter in contrary to other methods like the drip coffee machine. This can result to an even richer and fuller coffee flavor which many avid coffee drinkers would love to have. Moreover, if you don’t like the taste of a strong coffee, brewing of light coffee may still be feasible. You just need to adjust the amount of ground coffee beans and water to put in, along with minor alteration of the brewing time.

French Press can be the Healthier Coffee Brewing Option

Caffeine in coffee may have the stigma of raising blood pressure but in contrary to this belief, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study in 2007 claiming that higher intake of caffeine resulted to a lower risk of heart disease than those who consumed less caffeinated coffee. Since the caffeine retention in french press is relatively high, this can give anyone the idea that this brewing option may give healthier benefits. Furthermore, the absence of paper filter in french press coffee makerallows the antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids in coffee beans, to make its way into your cup of Joe, then to your body system.

French Press is Eco-Friendly

Aside from the fact that french press brewing doesn’t utilizea paper filter, it uses less electricity as compared with the other coffee brewing methods making it an environment-friendly option.

French Press in Portable

Several varieties of french press devices are made compact and handy. It is therefore functional for people who are on-the-go! Taking a camping trip, working in your office, traveling anywhere – take your french press coffee maker with you and indulge yourself to the finest coffee experience with ease.

French Press is Versatile

Do you really think that french press is only good for brewing hot coffee? Definitely not! This exceptional brewing device can also satisfy your craving for cold, iced coffee any time of the day. What’s more, other techy modelsof french press make a cup of tea too.

Think Deep

Maybe it’s safe to say that life is meaningless without coffee. Yet if getting a cup would be too much of a hassle for you, then perhaps it’s good to brew your own. Surely, there can be a lot of options of coffee brewing devices in the market. But with all the desirable perks that a french press coffee maker could offer, would you still look further?


3 Practical Tips to Teach Your Children Storing and Organising Their Toys Properly

Children love to create a mess. But if you continue organising their mess even after they have grown up, they’ll never learn how to organise things and it will prove very hard for them in the future.

Image Courtesy:

As such, they should learn to organise all their stuff. But teaching them to organise and store their toys well is a good start.

You can lovingly explain your kids how a well-organised room looks good and will help keep their mind calm, and so, how it’s necessary to keep their room organised in order to make their life easy.

Then you can buy storage solutions for them and instruct them how to store things according to various criteria, such as shapes, sizes, purpose, and so on.

While doing so, you can explain them why you have bought those particular storage solutions, so that in the future they too can use the criteria or set their own criteria and make choices.

Toys are of all kinds, for example, you can buy child play sets at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or at any toy stores online for various selections of toys. But then they should be stored well so as to last long and look good.

Here are a few practical tips to inculcate a habit of storing toys well in your children and they will thank you when they grow up.

1. Let Your Advice be Child-friendly

Skill of organisation doesn’t come by birth. Moreover, what an adult wants may be beyond the understanding of a child.

So, you’ll need to come down to your kid’s mental level and find a solution that they can understand and follow easily.

Here are some hints:

  • Store their favourite toys which they want almost daily on the lower shelves in the cupboard so that they can get them and keep them back easily.
  • Let bins and baskets be small enough so that the kids can lift and move them with ease even if they are fully loaded. If they are too big to handle for the kids, you’ll have do the task of organisation.

2. Explain the Art of Organising

Your child won’t know how to store her toys unless you explain her. But instead of only instructing her to put things in designated places, explain her why she should do so.

For example, while buying boxes for her toys, choose appropriately sized boxes. Then once the toys are stored in them, label them. This will make her find them a lot easier.

Keep in mind that the name given by your child to her toys may be different than what you call them. Let them label the boxes with the names they have chosen.

If you have kids that can’t read yet, let their older siblings draw pictures for them beside words, so that they can identify which box contains durable push along toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, which one contains dolls and which one contains cars.

During this entire process, you can explain the kids why it’s necessary and they will learn the organisation habits in other parts of their life too.

Image Courtesy:

3. Trigger Their Imagination

While applying your own ideas, you can even encourage your kids to give suggestions. Maybe they get an idea of building their own storage bins out of used buckets or containers and even decorate them beautifully.

Make it teamwork and do it together instead of you being the leader. This will boost their imagination and thought process to work out easy and practical solutions to problems, not only storage but even others.

Having too many toys (or anything else) makes it difficult to manage which the kids should learn. Explain them why they should get rid of excess stuff and make the job of storage easy.

The good habits of storage and organisation of their toys will help your children organise other things too and they will be grateful to you always for teaching them the art of neatness.



Hardly a day goes by without hearing about a car crash or two that occurred as a result of negligence on the part of the driver. Such accidents occur when people text and drive. this is why owning and using a car phone holder is essential.

A car phone holder can be mounted at a fixed area inside a car, depending on the type of suction it comes with. It could be on the dashboard or attached to the interior of the windshield. Users can even go for car phone holders that can be fixed on the desk where you can quickly see who is calling while you are working on your computer.

Car phone holders come in various designs and structures; multi-angle viewing, dashboard suction, vent mount, suction mount, etc. You are free to choose whichever design that suits you, provided it offers you the convenience as advertised.

Here are the top five reasons why you need a car phone holder:

  1. Helps Users to Remain Focused – This is perhaps the number one reason why you must own a car phone holder. A driver behind the wheels of a vehicle in motion must maintain focus while on the road. The driver must not be distracted in any way, especially when his phone rings while he is on the move. With the phone holder mounted on the dashboard or windshield, the driver will not be forced to reach for his pocket when his cell phone starts ringing or take his eyes off the road to look at his phone while driving.
  2. Facilitates Easier and Better Communication – Users of car phone holders can confirm that using the mechanism helps them to hear their callers easier and much better than if they had to hold the phone to their ears while driving. Some phone holders can even amplify sounds so that your conversation remains crystal clear and loud.
  3. Users Can Listen to Music at Any Time – You can listen to music from your phone while driving, that is if you are not interested in the songs from local radio stations. By using your phone as a music player, you can listen to your scheduled playlist or songs at the touch of a button without taking his eyes off the road.
  4. Doubles as a charger – Some car phone holders are manufactured in such a way that they double as phone chargers. Such phone holders start charging your phone as soon as you place your cell phone in its grip. They are active in nature and minimize the stress of having to charge your cell phone separately.
  5. Play Movies On the Go – Okay, this is not too advisable, but car phone holders hold your phone securely while you play movies for the other passengers in the vehicle. This helps to keep the commuters busy in traffic or on long road trips. Children are usually very impatient when traveling; so you can captivate them by playing a movie or cartoon on your cell phone during the journey.

For more information about the best car phone holder in the market today, all of which are sold at highly competitive prices, please visit


Top 4 Benefits of Using Buckwheat Pillows

A lot of people are using pillows that cause more harm than good to their bodies, thereby robbing them of a good night’s sleep. Therefore, if you are on a search for a brand new pillow that will not cause you significant discomfort or medical problems, then you need to take a look at buckwheat pillows.

But before highlighting the top benefits you gain from using buckwheat pillows, here are some of the problems that traditional pillows cause:

Neck problems – Most people that use regular pillows complain of severe neck problems which result from poor sleeping postures.

Chemicals – Most pillows on the market today are overloaded with chemical filling which can cause dangerous allergies, breathing problems, and in some cases, cancer.

Allergies – Some traditional pillows come with substances or materials that you could trigger hypersensitivity. These could cause allergic reactions and untold discomfort for you.

Price – If you use traditional pillows for an appreciable amount of time, they tend to become flat in time. This means you will have to replace them every few months or so and that means you will tend to spend money often.

Buckwheat pillows are excellent and all-natural alternative headrests that originate from Asia. They are filled with the hulls of buckwheat, and nothing else. The benefits of using buckwheat pillows are outlined below:

Support – The only way you can sleep well is when your spine is appropriately aligned with your neck and head. Optimum sleep is guaranteed if your posture is straight. Buckwheat pillows are packed with hulls which adapt naturally to the shape of your neck and head. You will end up sleeping in the right posture all through the night. Buckwheat pillows never lose shape during the night and will maintain the same form all night long. This will even reduce incidences of snoring while giving you a better night’s sleep.

Adjustability – Buckwheat pillows can be adjusted according to your specifications. You can do this since this type of pillow is filled with hulls, and you can quickly get more if you need a firmer pillow. If you prefer using a softer pillow for more comfort, you can remove some of the buckwheat hulls to achieve this. You can adjust the pillow to fit your neck and head to find the position that you are most comfortable with. As soon as you find that position you prefer, the buckwheat hulls will adapt around your neck and head, thereby keeping you comfortable through the night.

Lifespan – Conventional pillows need to be replaced every few months because they don’t last long. The costs can pile up quick. But buckwheat pillows have a long lifespan as they can last for several years. If some hulls happen to escape from the confines of your buckwheat pillow, all you need to do is to replace them. Studies have shown that buckwheat pillows can last as long as ten years with care. This is a long-lasting pillow and a significant investment.

Breathability – Traditional pillows don’t allow natural circulation of air which makes users uncomfortable since they will start feeling hot quick. The pillows could also develop bad smells as a result of the poor circulation of air. Buckwheat pillows are breathable thanks to the hulls they are composed of. The free flow of air allows your buckwheat pillow to keep smelling great while maintaining cooler temperatures.

If you need high-quality buckwheat pillows, visit


What to look for when buying a cheap sofa online?

Buying a sofa online is the best way to save a lot of your time. You can save your money and time both if you are finding the sofa from a suitable website. In this regard, you can follow some of the great tips which are shared by the experts so that you cannot be victimized by the scammers and you can clock for the right product. To get cheap sofas online you have to keep in mind the given tips:


The style is something which plays an important role in making your selection suitable. You can get the sofa at a lower price from many places but don’t forget to look for the style. There are some stores online who will give you the sofa at a lower price but the style of that sofa can be out of order. It can be outdated or something old-fashioned. So you should take a look online before buying a sofa at a lower price.


When you are about to buy a sofa you should check the size very carefully. It is something which is really important and which should be checked clearly. Because you can buy a sofa which is cheaper but what about the size, it can be a big one or a one that is too small. Don’t just go through with the pictures but you should read the full description and then match the measurements according to your requirements.


Another important factor which requires your attention is the colour of your sofa. You must select an appealing colour while you are customizing your sofa. Because a normal colour will not make your sofa a best one indeed, therefore, you have to find the colour with care. You have to give your sofa such look which would be in contrast to your other décor.

So to buy a sofa online requires some concerns and you should not ignore a single thing for that. Otherwise, you can be easily victimized by scammers and that can spoil your investment. Therefore keeping care before is better to be worried after.