Difference Between Roposo & Other Fashion Sources

For fashion hunters, Roposo is not a strange word any more. In fact it is the most talked term amongst the youth and the fashion lovers especially females. It has become one of the most popular fashion discovery engine on the web in very short period of time. It offers people across the country a big social platform where they can share their fashion trends, ideas and can also explore outstanding style trends shared by others. That’s not all about Roposo, besides all of this, hundreds of curated products from top ecommerce retailers like Flipkart and Koovs etc. let you shop most stylish fashion products instantly as per your interest. Thanks to MayankBhangadia, AvinashSaxena and Shubhank, the three co-founders of Roposo who have offered such a wonderful platform to let us discover latest fashion trends quite easily.

Although there are so many similar fashion discovery sites on the web, some of them are even much older than Roposo but they are still not reachable to such a huge group of population where Roposo has managed to reach. So obviously there would be something exceptional in Roposo. Curious to know what? So let’s get deeper into this discussion and explore the reasons that make Roposo unlike any other fashion website.

Better Filters for Personalized Fashion Discovery

Unlike other fashion websites where a user his left with the search results as per the number of filters selected by them, Roposo uses a few filters and a broad range of fashion items to disclose. This makes Roposo much more intuitive than any other fashion website. As much you keep exploring fashion on Roposo, its search will keep personalizing more by keeping into account the categories of your interest. This lets you have a more personalized fashion discovery experience conveniently.

Share Your Very Own Style to Showcase Online

You may have your unique fashion sense or style that you might be interested in sharing. Well, this is the best part that Roposo offers for people who are dying to share their trendiest looks online. Whether you want to showcase you newly induced hairstyle, your trendiest clothing ever with matching jewelry or your funky shoes, Roposo lets you share all your fashion trends with it and be a style icon of hundreds of ladies. This is the unique feature offered by Roposo that most of the other fashion sites do not carry. This participation of every user on Roposo has made this website one of the most popular as people are much more interested in showcasing themselves.

Involvement of Celebrity Style Icons

People are mad to explore the fashion secrets of popular B-Town celebrities and thus keep looking for such resource that can serve them with hot celebrity styles. And Roposo is doing this pretty much decently. Unlike any other fashion websites Roposo often serves its users with celebrity interviews to explore in detail about their fashion and beauty secrets. Also nowadays some of the top actresses like Sonakshi Sinha, Jaqueline Fernandes, Malaika Arora and more are seen sharing their style photographs on Roposoas they love to share their fashion trends. Such involvement of celebrities have really helped Roposo get dedicated users in such a short span of time.

Top Fashion Deals Disclosed Everyday

One of the most interesting features of Roposo that makes it different from other fashion websites is that it comes with a personalized list of discount deals on fashion items of your interest on daily basis. Accounting to Roposo’s co-founder with increase in number of e-commerce stores it has become quite difficult for ladies to find and shop product of their very own interest from one single platform. And thus best part of Roposo is that it has shaken hands with top ecommerce stores like Myntra, Flipkart, Jabong and more to collectively offer wide variety of products on one single platform with best deals tagged for each item of your interest. With this you need not to hunt fashion items here and there as this single website is sufficient to meet your fashion needs.

Not Only Limited to Clothing & Fashion Accessories

Roposo has been developed with the aim to help women meet their complete fashion needs at single place. And that’s the reason of why Roposo lets users share various fashion posts related to hairstyles, hair dressing, facial makeup tips and more beauty secrets. Unlike other fashion websites that are usually limited to clothing, fashion accessories,bridal mehndi designs, jewelry and similar things, Roposo offers you complete fashion discovery ranging from how to do pedicure or manicure at home to how to prepare makeup base yourself.

All such things attracts most of the women population towards Roposo as it satisfies every kind of fashionista and style curiosity of every women at the easiest. So don’t wait any more, get registered to Roposo and start your fashion hunt immediately.


7 Boho Fashion Trends For Summer- Bags, Tops, Dresses, Shoes And More

The free-spirited look of Boho fashion works for all seasons but summer is definitely the best time to flaunt your latest Bohemian collection‚ not only in dresses but also in bags‚ tops and shoes. Here are the top 7 Boho fashion trends for this summer which you can add to your Bohemian ensemble. Gipsi Soul is the best place to shop for these trending Bohemian clothings.

Flowing maxi skirts, strappy sandals and floppy hats are all must-haves for your Gypsy summer collection‚ not to forget those chunky jewelry items. The organic and free-flowing Bohemian clothings are designed to help you remain cool when the sun beats down relentlessly this summer. The designs are flexible for you to wear them to work or for an evening out on the white‚ sandy beach.

Peasant Tops

The stylish and elegant peasant blouse is a great way to begin your Gypsy Style dresses summer collection. The modern and versatile blouse can make you feel ultra comfortable even when the mercury is cranking up. Pair it with flared jeans to give it that unmistakable Boho effect.

Maxi Skirt

If you are planning an authentic Bohemian wardrobe collection with classic Bohemian style clothes‚ you cannot ignore the maxi skirt. It is the perfect Bohemian summer wear as it is light and super stylish. You are sure to feel the cool breeze even while walking in the blazing sun. Go for denim or choose a more exotic design complete with knots and laces. Camisoles or loose tops will complete the Bohemian look. The ensemble is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Loose Kimonos

Bohemian style is synonymous with the layered look but this summer you can lose it. You need something light and easy to carry and nothing fits that need better than loose kimono. It fits the definition of a Boho-chic wear perfectly. An ethnic jacket is the perfect combination to go with the lovely and loose kimono and so is the simple white tee. Flared denims can complete the stylish look that spell Gypsy fashions in bold.

Printed Loose Dresses

A loose skirt with simple prints can be a great addition to your Boho wardrobe this summer. A simple design with slip-it-on convenience can be just what you need to flaunt that minimalist look this summer without losing your grip on the style element. These Bohemian maxi dresses go wonderfully well with strappy sandals.

Floppy Hats

Your Boho summer ensemble cannot be complete without the famous and super valuable floppy hats. Pick up a size that’s large enough to provide optimum protection from the sun. It can help in keeping your head cool and your hair fully protected. Straw hats are chic and so Bohemian but a burlap textured hat would be fine too.

Strappy Sandals

Summer is sweaty and you simply cannot use those closed footwear in the sweltering heat. Gladiator sandals can be your best companion for those long journeys this summer. They look great and the comfort factor is amazing too. If your top is while and matched with flared jeans‚ go for those dark gladiators with long straps and extra support. You’ll look good and feel great.

Handmade Jewelry In Unique Geometric Shapes

If you love sunshine‚ beaches and fun then you will also love Bohemian jewelry. Go for some classic handmade variety that can go with any type of Bohemian dress. Let your imagination go wild. Choose silver head chains or necklaces with unique geometric shapes for making a strong impact. You can find a whole new range of innovative Bohemian jewelry at Gipsi Soul‚ the favorite destination of women looking for genuine Bohemian fashion.