Four Things to Love about Wholesale Jewelry in Thailand

To say that jewelry has long been one of the great passions of mankind would be an understatement. No matter who you are or where you come from, the fact is, you come from a background and culture that has created and cherished beautiful jewelry. Cultures around the world have worked to craft jewelry of every fashion imaginable, with the results being little masterpieces of elegant beauty and craftsmanship which last for decades if not centuries. There is something special about purchasing jewelry today with the expectation that in twenty, fifty, or even a hundred years’ time, it might still look as stunningly beautiful as it does today.

What else can you say that about in your life?

Of course, it’s no secret that jewelry can thus often be quite expensive. However, that does not have to be the case. When you shop with Thailand’s best outlets offering wholesale sterling silver jewelry, you’ll be able to pick out lovely items every day at impeccable prices.

  1. Dazzling Designs

As stated, one of the best things about jewelry is the fact that it features amazing craftsmanship. That’s true whether the pieces in question are emblems of elegant simplicity or feature complex settings and designs.

The latter offers a great deal of variety in terms of what type of jewelry you’d like to wear from day to day. With the finest wholesale sellers of sterling silver jewelry in Thailand, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of options. These can range from floral and celestial designs to more abstract geometric ones.

  1. International Flavor

In addition, the best wholesale jewelry sellers in Thailand embrace the internationalism that comes with the wide world of jewelry. They thus feature different designs and jewelry styles from all over the world. Whether you are looking for the latest chic European designs, African and Middle Eastern offerings, Thai jewelry options, or any number of other jewelry styles, you’re sure to be able to find what you want here.

  1. Different Offerings

In addition, you’ll be able to find a variety of different types of jewelry here as well. When you shop with the best jewelry wholesaler in Thailand, you’ll be able to find sterling silver options for items such as rings, earrings, bands, bracelets, lockets, necklaces, and so much more. What’s more, you’ll be able to discover an incredible deal of variation within each of these jewelry types.

  1. Affordable Rates

You never want to feel as though you have been priced out of buying the jewelry of your dreams. Simply put, that can take the sheen out of any jewelry item and the smile off your face. Thankfully, the best jewelry wholesaler in Thailand is proud to be able to offer fantastic jewels from around the world at impeccable prices, making jeweled elegance more affordable than ever before.

Jewelry is one of the great shared passions of the human condition. Shop today at the best seller of fine silver sterling jewelry options in Thailand and discover the wide world of elegant international jewels.


Understanding The Uses And Benefits Of Emerald Gemstone

It is the birthstone of May. It is very rare and extremely beautiful, so it is the most valuable gemstone out there. Even emerald is more precious than diamond. Emeralds are the green glowing gemstone holding it significance from the ancient 4000BC. It signifies the Mercury planet, so it is very powerful.

Emerald is found in the market in different color range from bluish green color to vivid green color. In accordance to the color and quality, the prices of the emerald differ. It has the wide range of use. Emerald can be used in a ring, necklace, pendant and bracelets. The most famous use of the emerald stone is in the ring, which is gifted in the anniversary and engagement.

In Hindu mythology emerald is known as ‘marakata’ which has the meaning of the glowing green stone in Sanskrit. It holds the planetary energy that gets transferred to the wearer’s body and benefits in the many ways.

Select quality before buying the emerald gemstone;

Emerald gemstones are graded in different grades: A grade, AA grade, AAA grade and B grade. So the price of the stone differs in accordance to the quality of the stone. Ig you have high budget then go for the high grade emerald and if you have limited amount of budget then choose it according. But it is very important to be cautious about the fake and original gemstone.

Emeralds in the market are often found to be oil polished and synthesized. Be aware of these products and seek for the natural and pure stone.

The most abundant shapes of the emerald stone found are round and octagon. So be prepared on the shape you want to purchase. If you want to embed into the ring then go for the round one because ring suits the round gemstone. Also the round shaped emerald has the higher refractive index, due to which it sparkles a little more than other ones.

What are the actual benefits of the emerald gemstone?

The benefits or uses of the emerald gemstone can be listed as;

  • Happy and prosperous life: as emerald stone emits only positive radiation, so it helps in keeping the mood of everyone around happy. The emerald gemstone produces and influences the positive vibes in the workplace and houses to attain the peaceful environment.
  • Luck/ fortune: emerald stone is also called as lucky stone. It brings the luck and fortune to the wearer helping for the prosperous life.
  • Loyalty; in ancient periods people believed that emerald is the stone of loyalty. It make the person loyal and faithful in every sector like, love, business and work.
  • Protects the wearer from the serious accidents: the emerald stone kept near to the body helps in protecting the wearer from the sudden and fatal accidents. It basically shields the wearer from any bad incidents.
  • Great benefits for the pregnant women: during pregnancy, women should undergo many difficult activities, so the use of this gemstone aids in some of the problems. It emotionally helps in the situation as well as makes you physically strong and tolerable.
  • Prevent nightmares: during sleep, the unique vibration of the emerald stone helps in preventing the evil thoughts and prevents from the nightmares. This gemstone also cures for the insomnia patients. People who cannot sleep at night can have good sound sleep by wearing the emerald gemstone in their body in any form, rings, bracelets, or necklace.
  • Bringing wealth in the family: if you cannot save money or if you are having difficulty in earning money then emerald stone helps in creating the environment to save money and bring wealth into the house.

Sources of the Emerald Gemstone:

The sources of the emerald gemstone are very limited. The countries that produce the commercial emerald stones are: Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, and Zimbabwe. Besides, the other countries that trade the emerald gemstone seasonally are: Madagascar, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Canada, Russia and other few countries.

The mining process of the emerald stone has stared in United States. But very few stones are traded by the America in the international market of gemstones.


Top Quality Jewelry for All Purposes

Francesca Jewelry is one of the best places to buy jewellery online. If you want top quality jewellery to be delivered to your home and at very cheap prices, there is no better place to get that jewellery than Francesca Jewelry. If you are looking for the best place to buy designer jewellery Australia online, Francesca Jewelry is the perfect place to be and you will never disappointed. This outlet has an unending list of jewellery items on sale with each of them capable of transforming you to an impressive beauty any time you use it. What are the features that make Francesca Jewelry the best to patronize for your beautiful pieces of jewellery? Continue reading to find out.

Unique features of Francesca Jewelry

Francesca Jewelry was started by two sisters, Hannah and Rachel Vasicek. They began this business at the Salamanca Markets, a famous market in Tasmania. Over the years the company has grown in leaps and bounds. It has become one of the most beloved outlets for jewellery in Australia and you will never regret patronizing this outlet for any of your jewellery items. The store is also international and the jewellery brand beyond the coasts of Australia.

The jewellery sold here is highly affordable. Even at that, they are of top quality and you will undoubtedly fall in love with them at first sight. Francesca Jewelry does not just sell top quality jewellery; the outlet equally provides jewellery designing ideas to its clients. You will find this service to be very helpful if you want to design a customized piece of jewellery. The outlet can help to customize any jewellery of your choice and can add your image or initials, depending on what you want. This is just one of the many features that set this outlet apart from several others.

You can always trust Francesca Jewelry for top quality bracelets stacks. The jewellery made here can also feature natural handmade stones to make you always look your best at all times.

Affordable jewellery

One of the features that make the jewellery items sold here highly welcoming is the affordability. If you are living on a budget but need top quality jewellery items that will make all eyes to turn your direction each time you walk on the street. With the aid of Francesca Jewelry, you will never have to spend an arm and a leg to look beautiful everywhere you go.

Endless arrays of pieces of jewelry

Do you need bridal jewellery? Francesca Jewelry is always here for you. The outlet is one of the best to trust for your designer jewellery Australia online and every item you order here can be delivered to your home. Francesca Jewelry also sells top quality engagement rings of different categories and designs. If you need solid gold pieces, there is no better place to also buy that aside from Francesca Jewelry. The outlet sell s fine jewellery and the collection are obsessive. You can equally buy any of the jewellery items sold here as a gift for your loved ones.


What To Focus On When Buying Jewelry In Essex?

Buying and wearing costly jewels is a big passion amongst both sexes and the females in particular. It is the trusted jewelers in Essex and others that make available such costly ornaments.

Tips to buy jewelry – Guys in the market to buy ornaments should first make a list of the things that they wish to buy from the jeweler. Then following steps must be followed to lay your hands at the right ornaments:

  1. Purity – Many of us do not know the purity level of gold. It may be noted that it is measured in karats. Gold claimed to be 24 karat is 99.9% pure while the one with 22 karat gold is known as 92% pure. So you can assess the purity of the stuff with its specific karat levels. Do know that the gold meant for making jewelry usually has 14, 18 or 22 karat levels because the stuff with 24 karat level is not quite suitable for the purpose. So be wise to check the purity level of gold when you intend to buy the jewelry made from it. Recent years have witnessed big rise in purchases of hallmarked jewelry because it is tested by the authorised agencies.
  2. Labor charges – Buying golden jewelry involves addition of making charges by the jewelers. They put in their hard efforts to make the golden and other jewels and hence they charge their remuneration from the buyers. Beware of the dishonest jewelers that may include hidden costs in the name of making charges.
  3. Machine-made or man-made – Recent times have witnessed big rise as regards use of machine made ornaments. Many guys love wearing man-made ornaments while others prefer using the machine-made ones. The choice is yours. There could be the difference as far as labor charges are concerned as the same could be lower in terms of machine-made ornaments as compared to the man-made jewels.
  4. Weight – Golden and silver ornaments are usually sold by weighing the same. Heavier pieces are certain to cost more than the lighter ones. Emerald and diamond stones are usually added to the gold for making heavier ornaments. Such pieces are generally weighed in grams and milligrams.
  5. Sale periods – It is the festival during which most of the golden and other ornaments are on high sales throughout the globe. Women love wearing the jewelry during these special occasions and while attending special events like marriages etc.
  6. Pricing – Be wise to focus on piousness of the ornaments than running after a few dollars. Don’t hesitate to pay some extra money but buy quality ornaments that preferably bear hallmarking tag.

Intend to buy ornaments! Why not approach jewelers in Essex, famous for purity and genuine pricing apart from your full satisfaction.


Heart necklace Girlfriend: Expressing love in various ways

Women do love gifts especially when it is gifted by that special someone or lover. While it sometimes becomes too difficult on part of the male to decide what to gift, there are various gift options that are actually worth presenting to the girlfriends. Searching the internet, options like Flowers, chocolates, and cards attract the attention of all. But to pour in better affection, investing in a good jewelry piece for the girlfriend is a good gift that she would cherish always. Commonly, one can think of the heart necklace that not only resembles love and warmth but also is purchased within a reasonable budget as well. To avoid all sorts of mistakes in giving a gift to that special girl, grab hold of the best heart necklace that is available in the market.

The specialty of heart necklaces:

Women do love necklaces and pendants and when it has a heart attached to it, it is even more special. Boys can surely look up for something fascinating in relation to the heart necklace and can try their options on the colors of it. Every special man must be aware of the likes and dislikes of his girlfriend and therefore, the heart necklace must be purchased accordingly. There are even various sizes that are available. All of the purchasing strategies of the males must be readily accurate so that the girlfriends are way more than just impressed.

How can one make the night special with the heart necklace?

Gifting a heart necklace girlfriend can be done for various occasions. Some of them are as follows:

  • Valentine’s day-

The very scene of gifting a heart necklace to one’s girlfriend on Valentine’s Day is not just special but romantic as well. The girl would certainly be impressed and there would be a memory to cherish forever.

  • Marriage

On the day of marriage, a groom certainly has to gift something special to the bride; and what could be better than a classic heart necklace? Surely the couple heart necklaces can also be purchased to give a hint of a stronger bond altogether.

  • Anniversaries

Anniversaries are important days and gifting a heart necklace can be a beautiful option to impress and show care for the partner. After all, it all comes down to showing love and warmth to the fullest.

One can even embrace the heart necklace around her neck, while whispering the three magical words into her ears, to make the moment more special.


How does Colour Influences to the value of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Colour of the gemstone plays a vital role in determining its price and value when you buy a blue sapphire gemstone. The colour and different features of the blue sapphire stone can help you understand how to value and select the perfect Neelam stone within your budget.

Similar to buying diamonds, the 4-C’s, i.e. colour, clarity, cut and carat weight plays a vital role in determining the rarity, value, price and genuineness of the blue sapphire gemstone.

Colour of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue sapphire gemstones are considered as one of the most revered and beautiful gems in the world,and these gemstones have adored the crowns, thrones,and royal jewels of kings and queens throughout history and celebrities continue to sport this magnificent gemstone. You can find sapphire in almost every colour of the rainbow, while the Blue sapphire gemstone being the most sought after sapphire stone. Red sapphire stones are known as rubies while sapphire stones can also be found in the colours of green, blue, yellow, purple, orange, pink or any combination of these colours.

Some of the critical components one should watch out for at the time of buying Blue sapphire stones or Neelam stones are as follows:

  • Hue

This refers to the colour of the gemstone which you can see from the flashes of lighting returning to your eyes. Their primary and secondary hue describes Blue sapphire stonesand the best quality of Neelam stones will have only a primary hue of the colour blue. Blue sapphire gemstones can be found with more than one shade of blue such as greenish blue or violetish blue which is generally a mixture of different colours with blue.

  • Saturation

Saturation refers to the right amount of colour in a gemstone. The saturation of a blue sapphire gemstone is one of the most vital aspects while grading the colour of a Neelam stone and it directly affects the blue sapphire price and value. High saturation can make the gemstone appear dark whereas low levels of saturation can make the gem appear greyish. The most preferred or optimal saturation for the Neelam stone is moderate to Strong.

  • Tone

Tone refers to the relative lightness or the darkness of the colour of the blue sapphire gemstone. Darker gemstones often lack brilliance, whereas gems which have a very light tone are unable to show off the original colour of the Neelam stone. The optimal tone for blue sapphire gemstone is considered as Medium to Medium Dark.

How Colour affects the Blue Sapphire Price.

The colour of the gemstone has an impact in affected the blue Sapphire Price and value. The Royal Blue colour is considered as the best colour for blue sapphire gemstones as it has a medium to the dark tone of the colour blue with high saturation. This creates an incredible deep vivid blue Neelam stone which is highly south after. But, the popularity of the blue sapphire stones can also vary in different parts of the world. In Australia, cornflower blue is considered as the most popular form of blue sapphire gemstone, and it has a medium tone and is not as dark as royal blue sapphire gemstones.

Usually, deeper tones and higher saturations will push the blue sapphire price upwards. However, once the tone of the gemstone crosses a certain point where the gem begins appear too dark, the Neelam stone will lose its value and will be available at cheaper rates compared to lighter coloured blue sapphire stones.


Buy a real diamond ring for gifting it to your loved one

Diamond is a precious stone and if you are looking forward to give a gift to your loved one then you can consider gifting a diamond ring. There are amazing diamond designs available in the market and you can get one as per your desire. Basically, diamond comes in a huge variety of colors like black, blue, yellow etc and you can choose your desirable color.

What are the common characteristics of a real diamond?

Hardness – the hardness of the diamond is able to resist the heavy impact so you can not break the diamond in two or more pieces. If you are going to buy a diamond ring then you can drop it to ensure that the diamond is real or fake. If the stone breaks in several pieces then you should not buy it.

Different in colors – diamond comes in several colors. If you are going to buy a colored diamond then you should ask your jeweler for the explanation of the diamond. There are some rare colors of diamond also available like pink, blue and yellow and so you should be careful while buying these rare diamonds.

It can scratch anything – as you know that the real diamond is the hardest form of stone. Thus, it can scratch any kind of surface without getting any damage to its surface. Before buying any diamond, you should scratch the glass surface. If the edge of the diamond is damaged then it is not a real diamond.

Bad conductor of the heat – as the other non-metals, it is also a bad conductor of heat. If you keep it in heat then it will not break or melt. The real diamond is resistant to high heat. If it includes the impurities then it will melt in high heat.

Cannot see through – if you want to read anything from the real diamond then you will never be able to read the printed papers and words. If you want to buy a real diamond then you should take a printed paper and check the transparency of the diamond. It is the best way to ensure the authenticity of the diamond.

Gray shades – the most common feature of the diamond is that it reflects the light with the grey shades. If you want to determine that your diamond is real then you should pass the light through the diamond and look all the rays and grey shades.


Is It Really Good To Buy Pearl Jewelry Online?

Pearls are one of the jewelry which enlightens you up. You don’t have to wear any glittery or attractive dress if you are wearing pearl jewelry. A simple evening dress will automatically get enlighten if you will wear it with the pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry can be a good companion to the date of any romantic get together. Though, people love to buy the pearl jewelry for their loved ones but they usually get confused while buying the pearl jewelry from the market.

If you will ask me about the same, I will only suggest you that always buy the pearl jewelry from the online dealers. Just like shopping other things online, you can also buy the jewelry online from the You can simply order it from the official website and you will get the things delivered at your doorstep.

Now, an important question will be coming to everyone’s mind I.e., is it really good to buy the pearl jewelry online? The answer is very simple, yes; you should always buy an online retailer for buying the pearl jewelry. I have rounded up some reasons which will force you to buy the jewelry online!

  • Variety

Nowadays, it is very difficult to get a huge variety of pearls from the market. But, if you will look online, you will be having thousand of options to choose from.

  • Save time

Gone are the days when people used to go to the market for buying the required jewelry. Today, you can buy the pearl jewelry by sitting at the home only. You do not have to waste your time while travelling.

  • Save money

Obviously, the pearl jewelry is very expensive and one can not even imagine saving the money on it. But, if you will choose the online option, you can get a huge discount on your purchase. The online dealers raise the discount on special occasions especially festivals and New Year.

In the nutshell, if you want to get the above-mentioned benefits, you should definitely choose the online dealer for purchasing the pearl jewelry.


Top Trends of Red Coral Stone Jewelry

Red Coral jewellery has allured people worldwide with their unusual beauty and mystical charm. It is an elegant gemstone that can be studded in different metals to craft stunning jewels. Since antiquity, Red Corals gemstones have been venerated for their vibrancy and metaphysical properties. They can add a lot of style to your persona and uplift your life with their exceptional benefits.

Typically, Red Coral thrives on the skeletons of coral polyps in the deep seas. These skeletons are made of calcium carbonate that stacks to form this soft gemstone. Since it’s easy to carve, Red Coral gemstone grew in its popularity over years. According to the traditional beliefs, a Red Coral associates with the planet Mars and is worn to endow its benefits in life.

If you also want to extract these properties and invoke the power of Moonga in your life, wearing this gemstone close to your skin is the best way for you. Here we have enlisted some authentic Red Coral jewelry designs that you can follow:

Triangular Red Coral Pendant

The premium grade Red Coral gemstone studded in sterling silver or pure gold is a beauty to behold forever. This pendant in a triangular shape can be gifted to a loved one for creating the right impressions. The stone studded in the design is cut as a cabochon for an elegant shape. It goes well with any attire and offers spectacular benefits of Moonga to you. Just like its physiological benefits, the original Pagadam stone (Red Coral in Telugu) also brings many psychological benefits to its wearer. No wonder, people from many ancient cultures clamored to wear this gemstone.

Stunning Red Coral Bracelet:

The bracelets made from original Moonga stone are one of the hottest gemstone jewelry trends of the year. Find an exquisite and stylish bracelet crafted from pure gold or sterling silver metal. You can prefer a single stone design or a stacking bracelet for a fun look. The single stone design looks elegant for occasions that demand suave style. It should be studded with a natural and pure gemstone with no scratches on its surface. If cut as a cabochon, this gemstone will reflect the lights properly and will appear more beautiful.

Red Coral with Pearls

This eclectic combination is a perfect choice for modern women. It offers beauty and aura embedded into a single design. Jewelry designed with both of these gemstones exudes perfect radiance and royal touch. It’s suitable for every occasion where you want to look your best. But, it is always advisable to prefer 100% natural gemstones that can bring their enigmatic charm and properties to your life. The red coral price per carat can be slightly higher for such flawless pieces. Given the beauty and benefits they carry, it’s worth your investment.

Stylish Red Coral Ring

Wearing a ring is the best way to invoke the energy of a gemstone. When buying a stylish Red Coral ring, you must pay attention to the quality of gemstone. It should be untreated and unheated to retain its natural properties. The original Moonga stone price commands the right understanding of its authenticity. If you’re paying a higher price, you should be satisfied with the quality of the gemstone. So, prefer buying them from a leading store.

GemPundit is one of the India’s leading online gem store dealing 100% natural Red Coral loose gemstones and gemstone jewellery. One can easily browse their extensive catalogue to find a superior quality Red Coral and can get it customized in their favorite jewelry designs at the most reasonable prices.

Get ready to rev up your style with these top trending Red Coral stone jewelry!


Things to know about diamond studs

Diamond studs are the most versatile and classic pieces of jewelry and are considered as the best gift to give to your loved ones. They are also the perfect pieces even if you buy them for yourself. Diamond studs have got high versatility and due to this they are available in a variety of styles. Well, this sometimes become difficult to decide that which stud shape, size and color will suit you or your loved ones.

Following are the guidelines for you to help buying Diamond Studs:

This is general to be heard that the guidelines to buy diamond studs are not same as those which are for buying engagement rings as diamond studs are not commonly available and diamond rings are open up to everyone as compared to diamond studs. People look more closely to the diamond which is worn on your hand while the diamond stud earrings worn in ears are hidden behind the hair and most of the people are not going to notice the jewelry stuck behind your hair. So when you are thinking to buy a diamond stud, “eye clean” is the phenomenon to take care about. The 4C grades which are to be kept in mind while buying diamond rings, clarity and color are not important in case of diamond studs. When it is about diamond stud, you can choose among the lower color grades based on the skin tone and hair color of yours. But the diamond cut is essential when buying a diamond stud and it has the most important impact over the sparkle and appearance of the diamond.

Diamond cuts

There are basically three most common cuts which are used in the diamond stud earrings and that are princess cut, asscher and round. Normally, the diamond cut of any type which makes a well suited stud earring would be a good option. Only because of this, round’s circular shape and asscher’s and princesses square shapes are popular among the women. On the other side, pear shaped diamonds are the least used diamond cuts in studs as because they have distinctive shapes and they are also not found in matching proportions. So in this case, it becomes difficult to find two exactly matching stones to make one pair of diamond studs.

Carat Weights

Buying engagement ring or even loose diamonds can be favorable to your budgets but buying diamond studs can be tricky sometimes as the carat weight plays a keen role. The other thing is that the side stones enlarge the middle diamond in the ring but there is no such side stones which could enhance the diamond present in the stud. It means that you can’t hide a smaller carat diamond in a stud and you have to keep in mind that while buying diamond studs online, weight is the thing of key importance.