Engagement 101: Christmas Holiday Engagement Proposal Ideas and Tips

If you’re thinking of proposing during the holiday season, you should have your preferred engagement ornaments ready. Knowing which one to have when it’s time to pop the question is going to make the experience that much more memorable and exciting. Below are some ideas and tips that you can keep in mind if you are in need of engagement proposal plans for Christmas.

Know When And Where

Although most romantic movies make it seem like it’s a good idea to just pop the question at the spur of the moment, that isn’t always a good idea. Although people love romantic proposals, there is a time and a place for everything. You have to make sure that you aren’t going on your knee in an area where there’s heavy foot traffic. Sure, some people may find what you’re doing to be commendable, but there will be a lot of people bothered by the distraction and probably hold up due to crowding that you’re causing.

The last thing that you want to happen when you pop the question is for a loud voice in the background saying “get on with it”. That will really take the wind out of your sail and can ruin an otherwise fantastic moment.

Surprise Them At Home

With the right engagement ornaments, you can be sneaky with how you pop the question. Blending the ornaments with the traditional Christmas ornaments is a great idea if you want to be able to surprise your partner with your proposal. In fact, you can start the excitement by leaving hints all over the decorations which may point towards you proposing. Don’t leave anything too concrete though because that might ruin the surprise.

Get The Families Involved

During the holiday season, families are going to be together. This makes it easy for you to involve both families for the proposal. This will make the experience a whole lot better because you get to share it with both families. You also have to remember that families are more accessible during the holiday season because it is common for a person to think of family when you hear those holiday songs already playing.

When you get the families involved, you are also able to get suggestions that you otherwise may never have thought of in the first place. Besides, you can choose a designated family photographer to capture all of the moments as they happen. Who wouldn’t want that?

What’s Wrapped Inside?

During Christmas, it is common practice to leave a gift under the tree. What if you leave the ultimate gift under the tree for your significant other to open? On Christmas morning, distract them by blending your engagement ornaments with your traditional Christmas ornaments. When they start to wonder what’s going on, present them with a gift that seems like any other Christmas gift that you would’ve given them in the past. Watch how they react as they find a cushion with a ring inside of the gift box.

If you are looking for engagement ornaments to make this holiday doubly memorable, head to Ornaments With Love and check out the best options to help you remember one of the most important moments of your life.


How No to Spoil Your Stag Party?

It is so easy to ruin your Stag party. This can be through failing to plan. Forgetting the most essential components of the party will obviously do you some harm. It is vital to put into consideration all essentials that culminate into a successful Stag party. Honestly, these essentials are quite a number.

Choose a cool destination

An amazing stag party is equivalent to a wonderful destination. The destination should have a wide range of factors that contribute to a successful Stag do party. In that regard, you can consider Valencia. It is one of the best cities in Spain.

Besides beautiful architectural designs, Valencia had lot more to offer. Valencia Stag do activities include traveling around the city, wine tasting, attending concerts and many more. Capitalize on these provisions to have an interesting Stag party in Valencia. It will be worth your money and time.

Don’t be shy to be funny

Avoid being too formal and spoil your Stag Party. It is important to participate in various activities both expected and unexpected. One of the unusual activities to take part in is love treats.

They come in handy in creating a remarkable event. In fact, you can take a couple of photos with them and create great memories.

Avoid any boring activities

Encourage involvement in lively stag activities. They are necessary for getting rid of any boredom. These activities can be singing, drinking, making some dishes, dancing and wine tasting. They all emphasize in inclusivity of everyone present in the party.

Be creative enough in coming up with activities that will keep everyone standby. Doing so will guarantee you an event full of fun and happiness. Ignoring such activity ideas will get you a boring event. Nobody will find anything satisfactory to remember about that party. Instead, you will receive a lot of criticism that will see you hate yourself.

Plan well

Planning is so vital before doing something. It gives you a roadmap on which way to follow whilst undertaking an important activity. Planning also plays an important role in Stag parties. It will help you in coming up with a sufficient budget for the event at hand.

Also, it will grant you with stag ideas concerning the activities that should be incorporated into this function. You can approach a Stag manager to assist you with the whole process of planning. Being a professional, be sure to receive reliable advice and directives.

Have a theme

Your Stag party needs to have a direction. It needs to have a systematic way through which everything is done. This comes evident through having a theme. The theme will spell out the outfit, drinks, music, and activities that ought to have a place in the function. It is important in avoiding any challenges that are bound to ruin the entire stag party.


Have a reliable plan before hosting a stag party. Get right all factors that contribute to a successful Stag party. It gets rid of any chances of ruining your most important event.


Tailor Yourself Before Starting An Online Chat With A Stranger

You must be excited about chatting with a stranger friend and preparing yourself to have an interesting conversation with him/her. But, have you thought a random conversation could make or break your excitement? If you want a couple of exciting sessions with your online friend, you have to do a little homework on how to talk or how to start a chat with your friend from another country. No matter you have been chatted several times with several personalities but starting an online chat with a stranger from another country takes a lot to convince and impress. Whether you are chatting with a US girl/boy or talking to Malaysian girl/boy, make sure you have a thorough research of particular region before starting a conversation.

This will not only impress your stranger friend but also build a trust on you. Keep in mind that you are not showing yourself too raw that can make your friend interested in you. Think before you write anything in the chat room. Not to forget that it is important to make your friend feel special with your every text to keep him/her engaged with conversation for a long time. However, here are some of the steps you can follow when you are chatting up with your random friend”

  • Not to think much

Once you decided to make an online friend. Map your conversation carefully and start. If you are one of them who thinks much before doing anything, then, this will not work here in chat. So, be confident about yourself and pursue your interesting chat with your random friend. One thing remembers, whatever the result it will come, always be positive and take it as an experience of your life.

  • Set a suitable time

First, you will only interact with your random friend in chat rooms but it can slow down the frequency of chatting as you both can have different time preference. Make a wise conversation and ask about the suitable time from your partner and schedule accordingly. Also, make sure the timing you choose is when you are stressed-out with all your other priorities.

  • Start with small messages

Don’t ruin your exciting conversation with bulk messages! This will only irritate the other person and soon lose the interest. So, be smart and quick with every message. Also, it is important that you are sending small messages with needful information, concern or question that can be relatable to your partner.

  • Ask questions

One of the best way to make the conversation engaging to keep asking interesting questions (make sure you are not crossing the limit too soon). Also, this is scientifically proven that people like to talk about themselves whenever they get the opportunity. So, make your partner feel special and ask some of the basic yet interesting question and with his/her every answer make sure you are responding timely.


So, search your favorite online chat room now and find the love of your life today! And these above tips will definitely help you impressing your random friend.


Easy Steps to Follow for a Beautiful Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place that you can go in to after a long tiring day and relax completely. If you are not satisfied with the design of your bedroom, perhaps you need a complete makeover. The mood of the room and the furniture must be right; the paint must soothe and calm your mind. The comforter should be comfortable enough. If there is no soothing, calming or luring atmosphere in your bedroom, then you have to follow these easy steps to create a relaxing and beautiful bedroom.


The first step to have a beautiful bedroom is planning. To do this, you have to collect ideas of what you want your bedroom to look and feel. A simple way to do this is by means of looking through online furniture outlets or design magazines to get decorating ideas. Also look at pictures of bedroom furniture that you are fond of.


Take time to decide on the purpose of your bedroom. Will it be your cozy space or a night-time getaway with sitting area and Television? Your bedroom can be as plain or as multipurpose as you make it. However, this must be decided prior to starting picking out furniture.


The theme plays a very essential role in making your bedroom beautiful. It helps tie all of the colors, lighting and furniture lines together, and will help you make a reasonable decision about all of your options. Think about whether you yearn for continental, casual or country bedroom. Afterward, start choosing the theme you would want to incorporate.


The colors that you choose for your bedroom must be inviting and warm. Some people choose neutrals while others will opt for a bold color- the choice is all yours. Just keep in mind that the color must reflect the theme and you can always bring in accenting colors through bedding, fabrics and decorative pillows.


When making your room beautiful, sometimes you forget the very essential detail of lighting. Lighting a room can totally change the way the furniture looks, the warmth of the bedroom and the intricacy of accent colors. So, ensure your bedroom has enough lighting to suit your need. Choose smartly and ensure it fits with the flow of your bedroom.

Bedroom Furniture

Now that you have chosen the right theme, it is time to decide on bedroom furniture. There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect bedroom furniture.

Choose if you want an eclectic mix or matching pieces.

Ensure the nightstands have sufficient storage space.

Choose bedroom furniture that goes along with your theme. Like for instance, a Romantic theme may call for a stunning modern canopy bed with iron detailing, while a soothing oasis might call for a calming, fabric covered headboard.

Do not overcrowd your space. Choose the furnishing that fits your need; ensure you have enough space for all your bedroom accouterments. It is advisable to consider a bespoke fitted wardrobe.

You can visit the Capital Bedrooms website for high quality yet reasonably priced fitted wardrobes in London. They work closely with customers to come up with perfect fitted wardrobes, which are exceptional in configuration and style and they are also custom made to the exact sizes of your bedroom.


5 Music Gifts for Parents that Will Remind Them of Their Childhood

Parents often talk about the good old days of their childhood. They frequently recall their school and college days with a tinge of nostalgia. Of course, we cannot go back in time but we can gift them something to remind them of their youth.

In particular, if your parents love music, then it may be a good idea to gift them something that feeds into their desire to hear exceptional music on their wedding anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day and birthday. Here are five ideas to get you started:

  1. Saregama Carvaan

The 1960s and 70s were dominated by songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle and R.D. Burman. If your parents have a fondness for classic Bollywood songs, then a Bluetooth music player containing songs of these respected singers might be a good gift. The Saregama Carvaan, in particular, is the perfect gift for music lovers since it’s a portable music player that has a selection of 5,000 evergreen classic Hindi songs and even 50 years of Ameen Sayani’s Geetmala.

  1. A gramophone and vinyl records

An old-fashioned way of listening to classic songs is by putting a vinyl record on a gramophone. Besides playing music, gramophones and vinyl records are often regarded as vintage items that can enhance a house’s décor.

  1. Greatest Bollywood hits of the ‘70s

Some parents love music and others love Bollywood movies. Many online stores provide packs of the greatest Bollywood hits of each decade. Find out your parents’ favorite movies and gift it to them. They will no longer need to wait endlessly for their preferred movies to buffer on the internet.

  1. Mirza Ghalib’s Urdu poetry book

Bollywood, music and shayaris were quite popular a few decades ago. Mirza Ghalib, in particular, was a soulful lyricist and insightful writer. If your parents love hearing a good shayari, gift them a compilation of his greatest body of work on their birthday or wedding anniversary.

  1. Traditional Sufi Qawwalis

Qawwalis were once quite prevalent before being replaced by Bollywood songs. If your parents love qawwalis, buying them a CD filled with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s qawwalis or some other respected artist may be an ideal gift. There are several of such CDs of qawwalis singers available online at highly affordable prices.

Giving a good gift is as simple as knowing what someone wants and giving it to them. It doesn’t need to be expensive or grand – a simple present will do. Use the above five gift ideas to buy your parents something unique rather than conventional items. Most people appreciate the thought and effort behind a gift as much as the gift.


6 Design Ideas to Make the Most out of your Balcony

A lot of people don’t understand the value of creating a livable balcony. It’s unappealing to see balconies used as an extra storage space filled with dead plants and broken furniture. If you’ve lived long enough in a highly urban area, you’ll understand how underrated balconies are. Each year, however, floor areas start to decrease and interior spaces are reinvented to fit in more people. Designers are starting to convert balconies as an actual living area. A simple addition of balcony windows, sliding doors, and flooring immediately turn a balcony into an actual livable space.

Here are some amazing ideas on how you can turn your small balcony into an attractive space.

  1. Create your own garden

Increase your daily dose of greenery with a balcony garden. Not only will you help the environment, you’ll also create something that will need you to be more responsible. Plants are also a great way to bring some life into your space. Tall plants will help in increasing privacy. You can attach hanging planters to the railings, so they take up less floor space. You can plant herbs that are easy to grow such as basil, mint, and oregano.

  1. Integrate it into your interior space

Let’s face it, some balconies are so tiny that you don’t even know what do with it. Instead of letting that space go to waste, why not incorporate it into your overall floor space? Get rid of the balcony door and add tall windows above the parapet. Doing this will let more light into your apartment and will create a whole new different feel to it.

  1. Make a floor statement

Most balcony floors can be really boring. Spruce it up by installing new flooring on them. Most floor tiles are as cheap as $50 and can cover up to 100 square feet of area. Create a more appealing look by adding pebbles to small gaps and spaces. Another good flooring idea is fake grass and printed rugs.

  1. Get romantic with lights

Add a romantic twist by installing LED lights to your balcony railings. What’s really good about this idea is that most balcony lights can be solar powered. No need to worry about wiring and possible fire emergencies. You can even add candles to the mix for an instant atmosphere. Any of these lighting ideas can improve the character of your apartment and encourage you to enjoy the space even after dark.

  1. Create your own private sanctuary

Since most apartments lack the floor space for additional rooms, you can repurpose your balcony as a private sanctuary when you need to take a breather or to meditate. Prying eyes can be blocked off with the use of curtains or all-weather wooden blinds. You can also install sliding doors and windows on the parapet, so you can easily block off any noise from the outside.

  1. Maximize your view

Increase the view on your balcony by adding wrap around balcony glasses. Create the perfect balcony without even having to worry about the weather. You can still sit back and relax on your balcony even during winters. Replacing balcony walls with glass panels will create a conservatory-like atmosphere. Additionally, you can now use the space as an extra room. Malmer Klaasium has one of the best balcony solutions available that’s perfect for any apartment size.


Important Tips for Throwing Your Own Birthday Party

Planning to throw a birthday party for yourself and your family but wondering how to go about the entire planning and execution of it? Here are a few important points that you will need to keep a check on when planning your birthday party –

Food and alcohol for the party
If you are planning to have liquor or alcoholic beverages at the party, note that this can increase your expenditure by two folds because alcohol is more expensive than party food. You can maintain a healthy balance between soft drinks and liquor at the party to level out the expenditure. For the party food, the best option would be to order food from a catering company to ensure you don’t waste time cooking meals on your birthday. Catering companies prepare excellent menus and also invite you for a tasting before finalizing on the final menu. Ensure that you have a good balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals on the menu to cater to all your guests. A lot of non-vegetarian guests also prefer vegetarian food when eating outside so it is an absolute necessity to have both options ready for your guests.

Get the sweet and dessert menu right
No party is complete without a cake and an excellent menu for sweet dishes and desserts. If you are looking for sweets home delivery in Jaipur, you can order from the best gift shop in Jaipur such as Kanha Sweets or even reputed online gifting websites. Most of the reputed sweets and gifts stores/shops do free home delivery within the district and close by local area so you won’t have to worry about extra expense on the home delivery either. You can also order customized sweets and chocolates shaped according to your preference and also pick the flavor of the chocolates as per your liking. Along with sweets, you can also order the birthday cake from the same store to get a discount on the order. Most places give a minimum discount if you place a bulk order for a party which includes the main birthday cake, the desserts, the sweet options for party favors etc.
Party music and games
Birthday party usually consists of a lot of dancing, music and party games to ensure everyone at the party are interacting with each other. Ensure you have a good sound system to blast some party and dance music for the guests and an in house DJ to host the music for the party. You can easily pick anyone from your family who is a music enthusiast who can control the music for the party or you yourself can become the DJ at the party! Apart from party music, having the right party games is also essential to keep the fun vibe flowing at the party. You can purchase the party games either online or from your local best gift shop in Jaipur to ensure you have the best of the best games to make your birthday party one of a kind!


How to get the best out of Your New Home – Packing, Moving & Home Cleaning

There are often many views of it as a big hassle and when it comes, it gets imperative to get the best out of the services.

Think about it for a moment, as to how it can affect you, a better and neat home, and everything else that comes with that perfect experience. Your spouse, parents and even kids would be happy with the experience.

As far as packing and moving are concerned, you can count on apps like UrbanClap to give you list of all the competing agencies on the go. Be it packers and movers in Chennai, Delhi or any other city, UrbanClap will handle it all for you.

Now coming to the home cleaning, surely it isn’t going to be a very easy affair; think about the hostile corners and spots that you always wished you could do away with? Well, that’s where the need for professionals comes into the picture.

Hostile corners do need a great amount of precision, hard work, and most importantly – tools. There are various tools that help professionals take out the dust and deal with everything related to home cleaning in a few hours, and a normal household like us may not be able to accomplish anything like this.

So how do you find a quality home cleaning service? Well, it isn’t difficult. There is an app called UrbanClap that helps you get an excellent professional at a very low rate.

Moreover, the work that an UrbanClap associate does is backed up with quality, since UrbanClap scrutinizes everything and lists only the best out there.

Here’s how professionals through UrbanClap do the daunting home cleaning task.

  1. When you enter the specifics at the time of creating a bid, it is all channeled to the UrbanClap providers, who sign up for UrbanClap as providers through UrbanClap for providers app
  2. Once they get your requirements, they figure out the costs, but in case of home cleaning the rates are set so you would be able to see the amount that you would pay for services.
  3. Once done, you set up time and date, the professional would be right there at the indicated time.
  4. The provider does his job, you can ask them a flurry of questions while making sure that you don’t interrupt them from doing their task.
  5. Once they are done, UrbanClap asks you to rate them, hence it becomes easier for the other users to know their competence and based their decision on user satisfaction levels they take steps to improve the experience and service.

And the best part is – the app is free! Plus it doesn’t charge anything, neither to the provider nor to the user. While you may wonder how they make money. Well, it surely isn’t by bogging you with ads or selling details to advertisers who spam your inbox! Because UrbanClap takes your privacy very seriously.

It is by funding. Recently UrbanClap raised a whopping amount from the investors who saw great potential in the app to leverage technology in this vast sector. UrbanClap’s customer service too is top notch, and unlike other apps, it is very easy to contact them for issues or questions.

UrbanClap’s ecosystem is unique – it manages to keep everyone happy, and that’s why it has been making headlines in international media off lately. That is why, whether you are looking for packers and movers in Hyderabad, Home cleaning in Delhi, or anything else for that matter – UrbanClap will work like a charm.

The official app of the UrbanClap company is available for free download on both Android and Apple platforms.


Incorporating Spring colours in your home decor

If you’re looking for a home refresh, you’ve come to the right place. Colour is making a big comeback in our homes, so if you’re feeling a little adventurous, reach for the paintbrush and start decorating.

Incorporating spring colours into your home is great for a new look. Let the flowers blossom and foliage appear for true spring time inspirations. Brighten up your home with pastel tones, floral prints and botanical patterns. Here are some different ways to bring spring colours into your home.

It’s all about the scent

Gone are the days of spiced cinnamon – t’s time to welcome the scent of spring. Linen candles and floral scents are exactly what you need. Remember, candles aren’t just for those darker months, so buy yourself some pretty holders such as tea light set.

Plant some greenery

Plenty of greenery and natural foliage is a great yet, simple way to incorporate spring colours into your home. Natural elements are perfect for bringing in the start of the new season. Look out for botanical motifs that boast different shades of green, with wallpaper and cushions that reflect those countryside colours.

Adopt that neutral approach

Get that elegant look with neutral colours. Display this on your sofa and a tall display cabinet in soft chalky tones against paisley wallpaper – layer it up with those green early tones we spoke about above and finish your living room off with fresh flowers.


Create that romantic look with beautiful flowing florals patterns – tulips are always a good idea for spring decor. Powdery pink pastels in partnership with creams, blues and lilacs are the perfect colours for a bedroom to create that calming feel. Add some aqua coloured accessories to pull everything together for the perfect contrast.

Lighten up your bedding

There’s nothing like cosying up in flannel sheets and a heavy duvet in the winter, but as the sun starts to rise you no longer need those heavy linens. Swap your sheets for much lighter and cooler sets in fresh minty green, dusty pink or other complementary colours.

Still unhappy with how your bed looks? Still not getting that fresh, spring feeling? You might need a new bed too. Take a look at Divan Beds Centre and browse their collection of mattresses and bed frames to find the perfect one for you.

Change your accessories

Take a seasonal approach and update your accessories so that they suit the time of year. Nature inspired prints such as daffodils or pastel colours are easy ways to inject spring into your kitchen. Having white walls is the ideal backdrop because it looks really fresh against these spring colours.

Bring spring to the bathroom

To bring spring into the bathroom you need classic country style stripes with shades of pastel pebble, pink and blue – add fluffy towels and tote bags made from cotton. Vintage accessories will also add to this spring cottage appeal.

Hopefully now your home looks like a fresh spring haven that you can enjoy and get a real feel for the new season that is upon us.


10 Ultimate Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

If you are advanced in age, do you know that these hairstyles for women over 50 can make you look like a twenty-year-old chic? It is possible with these glamorous hairstyles. The days when there were particular hairstyles for old women is a thing of the past!

The trends in the beauty industry have entire changed everything, and you can now rock in any hairstyle regardless of your age. The following hairstyles for women over 50 will change your view and motivate you to try one.

hairstyles for women over 50

  1. Purple Texture

The versatility of this hair enables it to be worn in various ways. You can wear it textured out, wild-cut or sleek. It is suitable for any hair whether fine or thick. For the starters, throwing on some purple colours can help enhance the warm tone.

  1. Tousled pixie

The look is tousled hairstyle. The pixie makes it more versatile and capable of being styled in various ways. Besides, the haircut works perfectly for all hair types.

  1. Highlight and Bangs

These hairstyles for women over 50 have equal length. This is crucial for sustaining its weight, and therefore it’s ideal for the fine hair. It’s articulate styling also brings an illusion of lightness and general soft look.

  1. Thin Fringe Cut

It is a short style with extended layers on the head and a gorgeous sleek fringe.

  1. Chin-Length Bob

Like the highlighted bob, chin length is also all of the same lengths. This is essential for keeping the hair bulky a feature ideal for fine hair.

  1. Youthful Bob

It is an entirely young, sassy, trendy and smooth look! The layering of the hair gives it a full movement and laxity. The most admired thing about it is that it is modish and classy. Besides, the haircut is very versatile hence customisable to suit the need of every client.

  1. Layered Lob

If you want to have a full appeal, then consider this lob hairstyle. It enhances the fullness and the thickness of the hair. It is most suitable for women with thin hair.

  1. Blended Layers

Initially, it was a counteractive haircut. The styling is done from the bottom to get an A-line cut. Also, the blending of the hair increases the movement. The style is ideal for normal and thin hair.

  1. Grey Youthful Bob

These hairstyles for women over 50 will make you look youthful while at the same time keeping your grey and retaining your style. As we know, most grey hair tends to be resistant and rough and so doing maintenance on it twice a week is recommended. It is most suitable for women with natural hair, but it shouldn’t yellow.

  1. Dynamic Expression

This style expresses your fun personality in an extraordinarily. It will reveal your character living no questions unanswered. It can be customised too to suit various face shapes and any face frame as it is not limited by the rules.