Make Your Event Pleasant With Right Event Planner

Choosing the right event planner is crucial if you want to make your wedding an unforgettable success. Try these simple tips to make your event more pleasant with the best planner.

Of course, you cannot become a professional expert in organizing a wedding just because you are engaged. In fact, most people dread organizing their wedding. They call their friends, buy bridal magazines for information, search the internet and even recall past weddings that the enjoyed. But none of this would help you as much as the right wedding planner. In fact, the same goes true for all kinds of events. Just because you can handle your business and have a great social circle doesn’t mean that you can organize a pleasant and memorable event on your own. That’s the reason why you need to choose a good event planner New York. This event planner will strategize everything, implement those strategies and even coordinate on the day of the event so that you get to enjoy everything instead of worrying about your family or guests.

To make your event more pleasant and memorable, start by thinking how you can pick a great event planner– who can provide you with the best range of services. For this, you must focus on hiring someone who has experience and knowledge, instead of handing over the responsibilities to your cousins or friends. Shortlist event planners on their legitimacy, by enquiring about their past work, checking their testimonials and verifying their referrals.

Next, you must further reduce the list by calling or setting up a meeting with different event planners New York. By calling their offices, you can know more about the products and services these companies offer. You will also get to learn more about how they interact with clients. Those who give you preference before sharing their ideas and those who are always ready to listen to your should be chosen over those who are too enthusiastic to listen to your demands. Also, calling or setting up a meeting will help you get a fair idea about their services, the line of work and whether or not they are polite to their clients. So, for instance, if someone only deals with regular parties, don’t hire them. Instead, hire destination wedding planners if you want a destination wedding. This will give you the opportunity to get your event organized by someone who is a specialist in the field.

A great planner will know how to maximize budget resourcefulness. This is how they tend to make events more pleasurable. Consider organizing everything on your budget. You will have to deal with everything from caterers to venues, tables to decoration, photography to on-the-day coordination, all of this under a strict budget. Now, while this may seem difficult to you, it won’t be a great task for your event planner, who will maximize the usage of your budget and ensure that you don’t get overboard with everything. These people will also know the right individuals or companies for your requirements. For instance, if you want a themed sea-food buffet for the event, they will know someone who can organize it without a fuss. Similarly, if you are thinking of having a themed venue, they will know someone who could help.

So, make sure that you hire the best event planner in New York and turn your event into a memorable occasion.


16 Cute Sequin Outfit Ideas

Sequin is quite a hot trend and one of the best things about sequin is that it can be worn in a variety of ways owing to its versatility. Sequins look great in a variety of color be it a dark and rich black or a hot pink.

If you have a love for blingy things, sequin is your best friend. Here are some amazing outfit ideas to help you incorporate sequin in your day to day fashion:

Sequin Meets Casual

One of the best ways to tone down a sequin if it’s too bright is by adding casual pieces of clothing to it. Pair a sequin top with laid back jeans or boyfriend jeans to get a nice, laid back look without looking too loud.

Sequin Tank Top

Sequin can work great in the form of tank tops too which can be paired with shorts or jeans.

Sequin Sleeves

If an entire sequin top is too loud for your taste, go in for a top with sequined elbows or sequined pockets for that right bling. Find the most stylish tops with sequin using naaptol coupons from Cashkaro that help you earn additional cash back and discounts.

Elbow Patch

If even the sleeves are a little too much for you, go in for a top or sweater with elbow patches and you’ll get the perfect look of toned down meets bling.

Sequin Shorts

Another cute way to add sequin to your life is by wearing a pair of trendy shorts which are pure sequin and make quite the fashion statement.

Sequin Short Skirt

Sequin skirts will help you make quite an impression on everyone around you as they look simply stylish and go amazingly well with a smart formal top tucked into them.

Peplum Skirt

A peplum skirt looks suave and sophisticated and you can wear it for formal dinners and corporate parties and let your skirt do the talking! Find every variety of skirt to fulfil your fashion fantasies using homeshop18 coupons to help you earn discounts and cash back.

Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is always reserved for formal events, however a sequin pencil skirt can also be work when you hit the next big party and they’ll work as the perfect fashion accessory.

Flared Skirt

A flare skirt is made perfectly for a laid back afternoon as it’s not body hugging and makes for a nice, comfortable option when you just want to sit back and relax.

Full Length Blazer

A sequin blazer will go nicely for an evening look when you want to party with the girls. Keep the rest of your outfit simple as the blazer will grab you all the attention you need.

Crop Blazer

This is a great cool for the summer look as it fits nicely over dresses as well as casual tops teamed with jeans. It’ll add a much needed oomph to an otherwise plain attire.

Short Sequin Dress

A sequin dress is perfect for a nice evening with the girls and hit a club. You’ll be oozing confidence on the dance floor for sure!

Sequin Gown

A full length sequin gown will look absolutely breath taking and you’ll surely get to live your fairy tale look you’ve wanted since childhood.

Sequin Pants

Sequin pants are another way to show the world your love for pretty, shiny things! You can pair it with a simple top and add a matching necklace to give your look a great make over.

Sequin Tights

Sequin tights go great with long, baggy tops or paired with a blazer and crop top as they show case your legs and give your overall look a stylish uplift.

Sequin Heels

Who said the sequin look can only work on clothes? Get yourself a stylish pair of sequin heels that can be worn with any attire and help you nail it every time!

Try out these amazing sequin outfit ideas and go paint the town red!


7 Fashion Myths That Will Boost Your Self-Confidence

For those of us who have no talent for sketching, painting or even writing, fashion can be a great way to express ourselves and our creativity. However, there are those of us that get a little intimidated by fashion because of the fashion “rules” and myths that exist to “guide” as mere mortals. Well, we’re here to tell you that there are no such rules. The greatest minds and talents of fashion didn’t and will never believe in them so we might as well throw them out the window.

In this article, we will look at some of the fashion’s most pervasive myths, turn them on their heads and make them work for us. Fashion can be so serious and so intimidating sometimes that we forget that it should be a fun way to express ourselves. Below are some of these myths, the truth about them and how we can use them to our advantage.

MYTH 1: Black Is Slimming

TRUTH: It is true that black is slimming, it is also true that every woman should have a little black dress (only if she likes black!) so why is this here as a myth? It is a myth because the heavier set among us have been led to believe that the only way they would ever look presentable in their glorious renaissance bodies is to wear black. There is just one word that I can say about that—NO. Aside from that fact that you should celebrate your curves, there are other ways to look slim without having to look so severe.

Side panels, for example, popularized by Kate Winslet wearing a Stella McCartney dress, are a perfect way to add shape to your body while cinching your waist. The lines of the panels create the shape of your body while the panels themselves (usually either black or a darker color from the dress) create an illusion of a smaller body. So if you’re about and about, in the stifling heat rest assured you won’t have to wear black just to look glamorous.

MTYH 2: Class is Expensive

TRUTH: Can be true, but not necessarily. How many times have you seen somebody dress up in head to toe Louis Vuitton (real, mind you) and still look incredibly cheap? Class, my dear ladies, and gentlemen, simply cannot be bought, and I don’t care about how high up you cash is stacked, head to toe designer is STILL a bad idea.

When it comes to class, it all comes down to taste. If you look hard enough, you will often find that some cheaper items can look a lot classier because of how they are designed. Granted, it will take a trained eye and some practice to be able to know which items to choose, but you will get there. Class, like a good safe sunscreen never goes out of style.

MYTH 3: Red is A Confidence Booster

TRUTH: Yes! This is true! However, it does not necessarily mean that red is THE only color that boosts confidence. Instead of focusing on the color, focus on a style that fits your body perfectly and fits well. Red creates the impression that you’re in charge, but it is not the only way. Wearing your favorite perfume, for example, could have a more confidence boosting effect for other women.

The point is, if you don’t like red, don’t worry about it. You could wear black and still exude self-confidence.

MTYH 4: Less is more

TRUTH: Not necessarily when it comes to fashion. This decade has seen sexy come from unforgiving body-con dresses to barely there midriffs (or should I say sports bras??). We’re not knocking these trends or anything because that’s just what they are after all—trends. The problem with thinking that you have to show skin, or you have to wear something tight to look sexy is a grave misunderstanding of exactly what sexy is.

Sexy is NOT trashy; it is mysterious, classy, confident and self-assured. Sexy is good health; sexy is taking care of your body. Sexy loves your body whatever state it may be in. Sexy is finding what clothes fit your personality and your body and choosing things that are perfectly tailored for you.

MYTH 5: Some Styles Are Just Not for My Body Type

TRUTH: This can be faithful to some extent. It can be true that taller and skinner people look better in most clothes. However, a lot of times it’s not about the style but the fit of the garment. Most fast fashion stores, unfortunately, create clothes that typically look good only on the mannequin and people whose body types resemble those of mannequins. But if you have the cash to spare, or know a excellent tailor, buying from high-quality brands has its perks. Being able to expect your clothes to fit well is one of those perks. So before you completely say goodbye to that trend you want to try maybe you should consider having the garment altered to fit better your body’s unique specifications.

MYTH 6: High Heels Are Always More Sophisticated Than Flats

TRUTH: Heels with covered platforms anyone? These “hooker” shoes were all the rage around 2008, and they ruined the reputation of high heels forever. If you ever had to choose between platform heels and good quality ballet flats, choose the latter ladies, please. Don’t believe whatever the latest lifestyle news say, always go with what makes you look and feel good.

MYTH 7: You Need Cash to Look like A Million Bucks

God knows we’d all like to receive a million bucks but thankfully, you don’t need it to look and feel fabulous. Nina Garcia once said that it is typically women with the limited budget who eventually develop a keen sense of style. Because they don’t have access to daddy’s credit card, they had to be especially discerning about the items they bought.


6 Celebrities Who Started As Sexy Swimsuit Models

Wearing of bikini is like a statement. It empowers women; it allows them to express themselves without any pretentions. Decades ago, wearing of these swimming outfits is a big no-no or a taboo. However, years have passed and the thinking of many has likewise changed, becoming more open to more liberal ideas. In some respects, bikinis or sexy women swimsuits have become an instrument for women empowerment, proving that women can decide for themselves and that they can be bold and daring. Today, seeing women in skimpy bikinis and custom swimwear is not uncommon, especially in beach resorts.

Over the years, several women have become the standard-bearer of sexiness as they gained famed for wearing sexy swimsuits. Some of these women were able to capitalize their fame and became instant Hollywood celebrities or top models.

  1. Heidi Klum – Before becoming the host of popular American reality television program “Project Runway” and before becoming a Hollywood A-lister, this American-German model was known for her daring poses on famous magazines like Sports Illustrated. Klum arguably gained international fame after she posed for the swimwear edition of Sports Illustrated. Since then, she was able to gain popularity not only in the U.S. but in many countries including Australia.
  2. Naomi Campbell – Another product of the supermodel era of the early 1990s, British model Campbell starred in different music videos like Michael Jackson’s “In the Closet” single. Being the face and body of Chanel’s ready-to-wear product line, Campbell gained worldwide popularity, breaking the fashion industry’s skin color barrier. Campbell likewise gained fame for wearing eye-catching and sexy swimsuits or bikinis, and this was even highlighted when she posed for Sports Illustrated magazine’s swimsuit issue.
  3. Kathy Ireland – Known for appearing in 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Ireland was one of the supermodels to emerge from the 1980s and early 1990s. Before being known as a business mogul and fashion industry expert, she first starred in various films and television series. However, arguably her fame skyrocketed after posing for Sports Illustrated many times. Undeniably, her sexy pictorials in bikini has helped her achieved her current status.
  4. Molly Sims – Known as former host of MTV’s House of Style, Sims also graced Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue in 2000. Sims used this stint as leverage into becoming a full-blown television personality. She starred in hit TV series Las Vegas in all of its five seasons. In 2010, she became a legitimate fashion designer as she launched her own jewelry line.
  5. Christie Brinkley – CoverGirls signed Brinkley for a 20-year contract, the longest ever in modeling industry. This California surfer was one of the most popular bikini models during the 1980s, gracing Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue for three consecutive years. In addition to Sports Illustrated, Brinkley also appeared in hundreds of magazine covers. After her modeling, Brinkley also got involved in acting, writing, fashion designing, and illustrating. Brinkley is also known for her works for charitable institutions.
  6. Tyra Banks – During her first week in Paris as professional model, she has already booked 25 fashion shows, a clear feat for then-17-year-old model. Banks was also the first African-American model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. From a popular fashion model, Banks became a media mogul, becoming a well-known television personality around the world. She hosts hit reality TV show “America’s Next Top Model” and hosted her own talk show, “The Tyra Banks Show”.

Bikini models are not any model that can strut and sport custom swimwear as they should also have fierceness, good personality, and overall package. Many bikini models who gained success over the years continue working for the industry in one way or another. The mentioned personalities share the same passion to help others as evident in their charity works. True enough, being a model is not only about posing for magazines or participating in fashion shows but about good personality as well.


Everything You Need to Know About Cycling

Are you looking for a new exercise hobby? Are you growing tired of jogging or playing sports? Do you love the sensation of driving or simply going fast? If that’s the case, you should try cycling. Cycling is a wonderful hobby; hundreds of people try cycling for the first time every year. Many health benefits are associated with cycling as well, plus it is a lot of fun.

However, cycling is much more enjoyable when you are comfortable. High-quality cycling gear makes riding a bicycle more pleasant. Therefore, you should research the kind of gear you will require to get the most out of your cycling experience.

Health Benefits

Running can be hard on your knees, back, and ankles. Unfortunately, some people just aren’t built for running. However, cycling is much more forgiving on the joints. Pedalling puts less strain on the legs, and still gives them a great workout. Since cycling requires some stamina, you can expect your cardiovascular endurance to increase when you start cycling.

Getting any form of exercise is healthy. You can relieve stress by cycling up a hill and burn off calories. You can strengthen your legs and core muscles by pedalling on high resistance. Or if you prefer a slower pace, you can find a flat area and simply cruise along the bike path.

Preparing for a Cycling Trip

When preparing for a cycling trip, it’s important to eat a healthy breakfast. You should eat a mix of protein and carbs, but avoid an extremely heavy breakfast. Filling up on food can lead to cramps and nausea. You should also drink lots of water before your trip, because such exercise could lead to possible dehydration.

If your bicycle does not have a water bottle holder, you should purchase and install one on your bike. It’s very important to have water on hand to stay hydrated and have plenty of energy. You should pull over before drinking from your water bottle while on your cycling trip. It’s not safe to try to drink water and ride at the same time, for doing so can obstruct your vision.

Next, you’re going to need some cycling gear. Riding a bike in regular clothes is very restricting, and can even lead to overheating. It’s important to wear light clothing, such as a cycling jersey and cycling shorts. You can simply buy a jersey in a larger size if you’re not comfortable wearing tight clothing. If you do not own a helmet, you should definitely purchase one. Always wearing a helmet while cycling can protect against concussions and other injuries.

You should wear plenty of sunscreen. Even if it’s cloudy outside during your cycling trip, you can still get sunburnt. UV rays can still penetrate the clouds, and there’s nothing more unpleasant than getting a sunburn after a long day of cycling. If you have sensitive eyes, you should also consider wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses reduce glare, making it easier for you to obstacles such as trees and pedestrians.