4 Common Causes Of Difficult Relationships

We experience relationships and life through our emotions. Often, relationships can become more difficult, causing us to feel unhappy and start hurting. Experts say that all those bad emotions arise from blocked subtle energy system. Here are likely causes of difficult relationships.

  1. Lack of attention:

Sometimes, our partner just doesn’t give the kind of attention we want. This could cause mental deficiency. In this situation, we need to give our partner sincere attention in a way that we can impress him or her. Our partner will respond to this change quite energetically.

He/she may simply have problem handling and responding attention, so it is important to do things honestly and smoothly. As both of us feel more relaxed, we can be better in adjusting our behaviour too. In the end, we could be more attentive to one another as couples.

  1. Poorly managed stress:

Stress can apply for both men and women. When people are stressed, they have pressure build up that can’t be processed well. Actions and words that arise from stressed individual can also be more difficult to handle by others. We should pay attention to ourselves and feel exactly where the uncomfortable and difficult feelings are in us. This disruption should be easy to heal, as long as we pay attention to where stress hurts us.

We should stay with it and try to feel the flow of energy. When we have restored our energy flow, it is much easier to handle stress. In addition, we are able to understand what our partner has gone through.

  1. Bad conversations:

Words can hurt us, emotionally and physically. Once bad words are uttered, we could immediately feel the pain in our heart. This mental injury could take time to heal, sometimes longer than physical injury. We should pay attention why specific words tend to hurt us more. Follow the bad sensations in our body and try to release them. We should be able to restore and soften any trace of energy disturbance.

We can do this until we feel relaxed completely and those emotions no longer matter anymore. When we are hurt, it is much easier to respond with anger and withhold affection. Therefore, it is important to restore the flow of our positive emotions.

  1. Too much arguments and disagreements:

Arguments and disagreements are normal things in any relationship, however many couples can have too many of them. In this situation, we should examine what behaviours and words our partner does and says that can create uncomfortable and painful responses in us; especially those that make us interrupt, retaliate and angry. We should locate any discomfort in our body and deal with it accordingly.

We should have the mental intention to soften these bad emotions. This way, we can handle those unfavourable behaviours and words better. We should really listen to our partner. If our partner feels that he or she is being heard, they will do the same thing.


Pre-Date Grooming Moves You Should Be Doing

Did you finally manage to convince her to go on your date with you? If that is the case, then congratulations! But, going on a date with someone comes with a lot of costs. The first impression is always the best. This is what is believed across the globe and unfortunately dates take it very seriously. Therefore, you have to try by all means to avoid messing up on your first date. There are many things that can affect your first date. But, most of the important things are related to your personal appearance. This is one area of your life that you have to sort out prior to going out for a date. In particular, your beard’s appearance, outfit and body smell will play a huge role in raising the scores of your first date. The following tips can help you to easily shape your body in readiness for your first date.


This is not something you can overlook. You obviously need to shower prior to going for a date. It is also pertinent to use the right cleaning reagents for the hair and the skin. You have to be concerned about the smell and the impact the reagents may have on any part of your body. For example, you can avoid soap and hair reagents that can leave you with allergies.

Deal with your Skin

Showering alone actually sounds somewhat vague. Rather, more focus has to be given to the skin. The last thing you want is to go on a date and begin scratching your skin while your date watches helplessly. You can avoid such issues by simply taking advantage of a good skin care product. If the date is way ahead of the current day, you can even get rid of any apparent skin rashes or acne spots using any means possible.

How About a Trim?

You can stop by a barber shop for a trim of your beard. This often appears simple, but it is something that can have a huge bearing on your date. It does not matter whether you wish to keep the longer part of your beard and moustache, but please trim off the excess lengths. You have no idea how much this may contribute to your first impression and date score. If you want to look yourself smart every time, then the best possible solution is to get a mustache and stubble trimmer for men. Well, you can gift a trimmer too. They are very handy as gift items. Check gift ideas on Instant Grooming.

You don’t Want to Trim; Clean it up!

Some people love their beards so much that they are not willing to trim them off and even worse, getting rid of them. This is not so much of a problem as long as you can still achieve that perfect look which is enough to impress your date. However, you have to clean your beard at all costs in order to increase your chances of impressing your first date even if you hardly know what will happen next.

Deal with your Downstairs

Although this may appear somewhat inappropriate, it is very important. Failing to address the issues downstairs may be one of the worst mistakes you can ever make. What happens down there may cause you to scratch or even show signs of unsettledness during the course of the date. It is thus a perfect idea to deal with that region of the body.

Deal with your Nose, Teeth, Nails, Underarms and Ears

Unfortunately, most men neglect these important areas of the body. If you have a date scheduled for next week, you can start cleaning your ears, teeth, underarms, nails and nose in advance. You can even go for professional cleaning techniques such as laser cleaning tools or natural teeth whitening techniques. But, just get it done before the date arrives. For your hose and ear hair (sounds filthy! But I cannot help!), you can use the nose ear hair trimmer. This is the best solution for this case.

Deal with your Body’s Smell

Get an air freshener, deodorant or body spray to ward off bad smell from your body and ensure you smell nice throughout the course of the date. You can buy some of the best brands of perfumes that are available on the market.