Design your Interior Landscape Your Way


You enjoy the classic, clean lines of modern décor. Appreciating the easy living approach is easy when you add bold, yet understated items into your home that combine form, function and beauty all at the same time. The designers and creators of this unique and versatile collection have produced this line with you in mind, the discerning shopper who knows quality when they see it. This is the collection you have been looking for.

There’s no need to feel boxed in by whole collections that seem unyielding in their combinations. With pieces that complement each other and fit seamlessly from room to room, enjoy the versatility with which these pieces can add many options to your home that will evoke the classic and peaceful mode of living you are seeking.

Bring Out the Designer in You

When you visit the nordenliving shop, you will enter a world of uncompromising design that is derived from a rich and experienced history of Scandinavian design. With designers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, enthusiasts of this minimalist design genre will be delighted by the many options for every room in your home.

Whether you are seeking out new kitchen items that will make your meals exciting and present beautifully or you are outfitting the boardroom with seating options that make a statement, you will find no lack of options to choose from at the nordenliving shop. Your artistic vision comes alive when you start to see the beauty and talent behind every line, every color and material used in these beautiful items.

One of the benefits of this classic style is how easily it fits in so many environments. An office chair as versatile as the Form can work in your home office, the boardroom or as a seating option in a restaurant. This is the beauty of such classic and modern design. There are no limits, only the way you want your home, office or place of business to look.

Comfort, Quality and Unsurpassed Original Designs

Deciding on what type of décor you seek is the first step in your artistic journey. With complimentary designs at your fingertips, creating a room built around your color palette and comfort preferences is easy. Sofas, coffee tables, sideboards, dressers, lighting and much more work together as you envision each room. The unique properties and attractive designs of every piece allow for further use in other settings. The dressers not only work to create a great storage solution for your sleeping area, but they can also be utilized in other areas of your home. They present a clean and classic look in an office as well.

Outfitting a waiting room is as easy and exploring the chair options and the comfort level is high for every choice. Providing seating for your personal office, home office or chairs for your work group to brainstorm the next great idea is as easy as visiting the nordenliving shop and browsing the materials, styles, colors and finishes that you seek.

Adding in shelving, accessories, bookshelves, lighting and sound are all a part of your choices as your browse through and watch your designs come together. With pieces designed with easy living in mind, coupled with the minimal and unobtrusive integration you seek, these additional items will only enhance your surroundings and provide you will options that will beautify any space you choose.

Your guests will appreciate your style and the classic looks you’ve chosen for your home of business. In every piece, the architects have incorporated pieces of Scandinavian history and design heritage that will shine through. These timeless pieces and uncompromising quality will become a part of your collection for many years to come. There’s no need to go with a trend when you have the option of adding in furniture and accessories that will stand the test of time through design, function and quality.