Different Ways of Giving a Gold Pendent as A Gift to Your Special Someone


Gold is a reliable, durable and valuable form of investment. A woman loves jewellery in any form. A gold pendant is a jewellery that will bring in that 1000 watt smile on your loved ones’ face.

Buying the gold pendants

A pendant is easy to choose since you don’t need to carry any measurement of neck, finger etc. You can just walk into a shop and choose the gold pendant designs that you believe will make her happy. You need to consider the following things while buying a pendant made of gold.

  • You need to know about gold to judge the authenticity of the pendant you are buying.
  • If possible take your friend, who is a regular gold buyer with you to avoid buying a counterfeit.
  • Always go to a recognized and trustworthy jeweller to buy a pendant.
  • You can also order a design you love online from various sellers that offer a myriad of designs from the comfort of your home.
  • You should be careful to choose a stone setting that matches the pendant for example if the pendant size is small then buy a pendant with no stone or a small stone.
  • The stone texture and colour need to match the colour and texture of the pendant. Clear stones are better options since detecting a counterfeit or a damaged stone is easy.

Choice of the pendant is also dependent on the type of necklace, it will be worn with. So be careful to keep the type of necklace in mind while shopping for a pendant. A pendant made of gold has a lot more design options as compared to the diamond pendant designs. So, you will have a lot of options to choose from.

You can also choose a necklace to go with the pendant and include it in the gift. You should plan a perfect way of gifting the chosen pendant to your loved one. There are many ways that you can opt to create the perfect gifting opportunity.

Gifting on a dinner date

You can setup a dinner date either in a restaurant or at home to give it a personal touch. You can then hide the pendant in any of the food items to surprise her when she is having her food. You can keep it at the bottom of the jelly or in a wine glass. If you are going to a restaurant you can take the help of the restaurant waiter and the maître d’ to create a perfect gifting moment.

A game

You can also create a treasure hunt with the treasure being the gold pendant set. You can put clues around the house at different places that will lead her to the gift. This is an ideal way if your loved one loves the puzzles and treasure hunts.

The book

If she loves her books, you can buy one of her favourite books. Put the pendant in between and gift wrap it. Her expression of pleasure when she finds the book and a surprised smile when she finds the pendant will make all your efforts a success.

Gifting is not only about the gift but the way you present the gift is of utmost importance. The happiness on the receivers’ face is the joy that can only be found through gifting. Different types of gold chains gift say that you care and tells her that she is someone special.