Effective Tips On How To Prevent Hair Loss?


Hair loss is a problem that is becoming more common every day, however, there are many ways to reverse this, some practical and others natural, in this article you will discover both and you can apply the one that is effective for you and thus avoid hair loss.

Practical Tips

  • Wash your hair

When it comes to how to wash hair or human hair wigs,an essential and vital rule for the preservation of your hair and that it does not fall out. Do not go too far with the shampoo, use the minimum, which is essential, using too much can be harmful rather than helpful.

When you wash it, try to use warm water on your sew in hair extensions at first, so massage it without shampooing, like a warm-up, then hold just a little bit of shampoo in one hand, so you can gently pass it through your hair from bottom to top. To finish the deal, try to rinse your hair very well, and to finish rinse with cold water, so you will strengthen and develop a healthy hair that will never fall out.

  • Gently try to comb your hair

When you comb your hair you have to take into account that your hair is fragile, no matter how messy or sloppy your hair looks like, it should not be an excuse to use force to try to fix it, the force will make you lose a lot of hair.

Comb your hair with love and care, soft, take your time, be patient, relax, and with it you will enjoy combing your hair like never before, minimize the loss of your hair if you comb your hair gently, another thing to take into account is to limit the number of times you comb your hair a day or even a week!

Limit it to just a couple a day, it’s the best, your hair will be fine and free of hair loss if you stick to that number. An excellent recommendation if your hair is untidy would be that you use a good quality brush or that you only wet your hair, if the water as an issue just use a cream or lotion, with that you will unravel even the wildest hair, and above all use a comb, your hair will thank you for making it look its best.

  • Never pick up wet hair

This tip should even be a commandment! One reason that certainly leads to hair loss is that you tie your hair with rubber bands or comb your damp hair that hasn’t completely dried out, maybe because you’re in a hurry or you’re going to be late for work or an event.

If you do this, don’t ever do it again, it’s harmful! What you do is to preserve the moisture, weakening the inner structure of your hair, weakening it even more, and in the worst case, it’s better left unexplained the bad smell that is generated, and something even way worse is that it will prevent your hair from growing. Dryness first and foremost!

  • No appliances

The use of the hair dryer is implemented and forced upon us all, as well as the use of irons and other appliances to comb our hair.

It is a necessary evil, but do not abuse its use, because if you abuse too much of the hair dryer or any other device you would be mistreating your hair, which would trigger your hair to fall out. That image itself is sad, a weak, lifeless, brittle hair. Isn’t that image wrong? You can change it, for the better.

  • First and foremost… quality!

Since there is a wide variety of hair products, be careful and review the list of ingredients contained in each product and only try to choose and use products that are of quality, you will know if the product in question contains an enormous amount of natural ingredients.

  • The effectiveness of a healthy diet

It is important that you take care of your diet and that it is balanced since nutritional deficiencies can lead to hair loss. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat a good diet, to avoid this, eat fresh and seasonal food.

  • Nourish your hair

many resort to special masks, lotions and creams, for something more original and even more important natural, it is recommended to use natural foods including eggs, coconut, olive oil, avocado, milk, honey, among others…. use these natural foods to strengthen your hair and you will be to make your hair healthy and beautiful.

  • Less sun exposure

To prevent hair loss, it must be protected from one of its greatest threats, a burning sun. The sun prevents the regeneration and growth of the healthy hair, try to wear a hat when you go out or a protective lotion, as well as limit your time outdoors.

  • Avoid all excesses

To prevent hair loss, never drink too much alcohol and never use drugs. The health of your entire body will be affected, including your hair, leading to hair loss.

  • Don’t overload your hair

Another reason why hair loss can be caused is the excess of treatments such as dyes, discolorations, among others, that hurt and damage the hair, if you notice that you are suffering from excessive loss, do not overload it.

Natural tips

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  1. A good natural solution to stop hair loss and promote its growth is to rub, at least once a day, the scalp with an aloe vera pulp, which has multiple natural properties that can benefit the hydration and strength of your hair. It is then left to dry and rinsed with water.
  2. Make an infusion of nettle in olive oil in a bain-marie and apply it to the hair giving massages is another very good option. Leave it on all night and wash the next day. The results are more than visible after 15 days.
  3. This natural remedy consists of trying to liquefy about 100 grams of watercress so that they completely dissolve and the liquid that remains, apply it directly on the scalp giving a gentle massage. It’s enough to do it twice a week. The results will become visible in the same amount of time.
  4. Also try to make a carrot and coconut rinse, as these also prevent hair loss. Leave on for 15 minutes and then wash as usual.
  5. A special and natural treatment consists of mixing the juice of one onion, the juice of two cloves of garlic and the juice of one lemon. Apply it on the scalp massaging and let it work all night long.