Eyelash extension myths


A few years ago, having eyelash extensions was termed funny and many people would shy off at its mention. Today, everybody wants to have the lashes because they define a sense of beauty and class. The demand for the lashes has led to many innovations on this domain and therefore you can choose from a variety of the many designs you find in the market.

There are misconceptions surrounding eyelashes and this article seeks to explore such

The lashes will fall-out

There is a common belief that the eyelashes fall out. Some people think the lashes must fall out even if they are done from the most prestigious salon. Like the hair on your head, they fall naturally every four to six weeks just like the hair on your head. The fact is that the lashes can last for up to ninety days. The eyelid skin aftercare, health, and nutrition are what would determine how long they can stand.

The eyelashes will get broken

This is one of the most amplified negatives about eyelashes. This is something that is highly dependent on the training and the experience of the technician. The size, width, and the length matter a lot in choosing the lash extensions. Avoid the heavy eyelashes as much as possible, these are the main cause of the lash breakages.

Removal procedure could harm your natural lashes

These are many speculations on the lashes removal process. It is possible to harm the lashes especially when you use the DIY techniques. You must get a good technician who has the experience especially when you want to remove the lashes. This is someone who has the right experience in the job and will use the right solutions to remove the lashes carefully.

The above are some of the myths which have held many captive. The most important thing is to get the right beautician who will advise and do the right thing to achieve your target.