Fundamental Skills in Jewellery Making


Opening and Closing Jumprings

Jumprings are an ideal way to connect items together like linking chains to clasps and connecting bead drops to ear wires, chains, and other bead drops. It’s also possible to link jumprings to create chains.

Open your jump ring by placing a pair of chain-nose or flat-nose pliers on the sides of the opening, positioning one pair at 3:00 and the other at 9:00. Move one of the pairs away and hold the other steady to open the jumpring. Do this in reverse to close it.

Create a Simple Loop

Add some beads to a length of wire, headpin or eyepin and finish using a simple loop to create a beaded dangle. Use round-nose pliers to grip the wire above the last bead you added or around 3/8th of an inch down from the end of the wire, and bend the wire 90 degrees.

Use the end of the round-nose pliers to grip the tip of the wire, leaving as little wire as possible poking through the pliers.

Take your wrist and rotate it away from your body, using the tip of the thumb on your other hand to push the wire below the pliers to create a loop. Your thumb will help you to hold the angle and create a circular loop. Turn the wire into a loop and adjust it if you need to in order to make it centered.

Forming Wrapped and Double Wrapped Loops

Wrapped loops allow you to connect things together without using solder. This is what you need to do when connecting bead drops in a design that could undergo plenty of wear and tear.

Take your round-nose pliers and hold them with the jaws horizontal, with one barrel above and one below the wire. Run the wire up and over the top barrel of your pliers to make it face down at an angle.

Move the pliers back to a horizontal position, with one barrel in and one barrel to the right of your loop. Use either your free hand or chain-nose pliers to hold the tip of the wire and bring it behind the wire extending below your new loop.

Quick tip: Slightly open the loop and slide on your pendant, charm, or chain and then close the loop.

Grip the loop with chain-nose pliers. Take the tip of the wire and wrap it around the straight length of wire above your pendant, wrapping it around about three times tightly. Trim off any excess wire, and use chain-nose pliers to press the cut end. Consider placing a bead onto the wire.

If you want to create a double wrapped loop then repeat the process to create a second wrapped loop at the other end of the wire.

Learn More about Making Jewellery

There are lots of great online resources for learning how to make your own jewellery. If you’re really serious about it then consider taking a course in the subject and learning from a professional. With a little time, patience, and hard work you’ll have your own fantastic jewellery in no time.