Glamour Up For Parties With These 6 Makeup Tips!


Summer is pretty much here and that means while you may be revving up for college, there’s still tons of fun left to have. Even though it’s hot, I’m positive you ladies are will want to look good for those summer parties you’ve got lined up. So I’m here to help you get your glamour on, without emptying your wallet.

Start with a primer: Now since you don’t want your makeup to slide down your face halfway through all the fun, the first step is to apply primer. Make sure to spread it thoroughly and evenly over your face so you fill up all the little lines and pores. I like Rimmel’s Stay Matte Primer.

Use a lightweight base: I’d suggest keeping all your makeup lightweight, so you feel and look more natural. Plus who likes that cake-y feeling of foundation anyway? BB creams and tinted moisturizers give you a smooth, polished look without the skin suffocation. I’m a total fan of  e.l.f.’s Tinted Moisturizer, it acts as a perfect base. It even has an SPF of 20!

Sparkly eyes: This is where the glamour comes in. A little glitter here and there can amp up your whole look and even pull your outfit together. But first get your eyeliner done. Since we’re going for no smudge, no budge, I recommend using waterproof eyeliner like Daniel Sandler’s Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner. You can apply it thick or thin, with or without wings – it’s totally up to how dramatic you want the look. To finish, coat your lashes with waterproof mascara.

Depending on the color of your clothes and shoes, you can choose a matching eye shadow or something that pops. So if your blouse is green, you could go with shades of blue, green or a contrasting orange.

Shimmery cheeks: Pick a shade of blush that will give you a soft, slightly flushed look. Use only a small amount and make sure to blend it thoroughly. Once that’s done you can apply a little highlighter to your cheekbones. Highlighters are softer than cosmetic glitter and they reflect light beautifully – it’s great if you want to give your look a subtle shine. e.l.f.’s Shimmer Sheets are perfect for the job, all you have to do is dab on your cheeks with a sheet. It’s all the shine you need without the mess to clean up, not to mention it’s as affordable as affordable makeup gets!

Low maintenance lips: Whether you’re a lip gloss girl, lipstick lady or lip balm gal, remember you’re going to the party to have fun. You don’t want to keep running to the ladies room for touch ups, so pick a product that doesn’t need constant reapplying – I prefer tinted lip balms for the job. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm will keep your lips hydrated and give them a lovely pop of color.

A firm finish: To set your makeup you can dust your face with some finishing powder. But if you’re planning to do some dancing you might want to consider using a spray setter. Products like CHEEKY’s Freeze Frame Makeup Setting Spray are super easy to use and they keep your makeup from fading or sliding. It’s like hairspray for your face, but more refreshing!

Now you’re ready to glam up for all the summer fun coming your way. Just remember to take all the makeup off before you go to bed!