How does Colour Influences to the value of Blue Sapphire Gemstone


Colour of the gemstone plays a vital role in determining its price and value when you buy a blue sapphire gemstone. The colour and different features of the blue sapphire stone can help you understand how to value and select the perfect Neelam stone within your budget.

Similar to buying diamonds, the 4-C’s, i.e. colour, clarity, cut and carat weight plays a vital role in determining the rarity, value, price and genuineness of the blue sapphire gemstone.

Colour of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue sapphire gemstones are considered as one of the most revered and beautiful gems in the world,and these gemstones have adored the crowns, thrones,and royal jewels of kings and queens throughout history and celebrities continue to sport this magnificent gemstone. You can find sapphire in almost every colour of the rainbow, while the Blue sapphire gemstone being the most sought after sapphire stone. Red sapphire stones are known as rubies while sapphire stones can also be found in the colours of green, blue, yellow, purple, orange, pink or any combination of these colours.

Some of the critical components one should watch out for at the time of buying Blue sapphire stones or Neelam stones are as follows:

  • Hue

This refers to the colour of the gemstone which you can see from the flashes of lighting returning to your eyes. Their primary and secondary hue describes Blue sapphire stonesand the best quality of Neelam stones will have only a primary hue of the colour blue. Blue sapphire gemstones can be found with more than one shade of blue such as greenish blue or violetish blue which is generally a mixture of different colours with blue.

  • Saturation

Saturation refers to the right amount of colour in a gemstone. The saturation of a blue sapphire gemstone is one of the most vital aspects while grading the colour of a Neelam stone and it directly affects the blue sapphire price and value. High saturation can make the gemstone appear dark whereas low levels of saturation can make the gem appear greyish. The most preferred or optimal saturation for the Neelam stone is moderate to Strong.

  • Tone

Tone refers to the relative lightness or the darkness of the colour of the blue sapphire gemstone. Darker gemstones often lack brilliance, whereas gems which have a very light tone are unable to show off the original colour of the Neelam stone. The optimal tone for blue sapphire gemstone is considered as Medium to Medium Dark.

How Colour affects the Blue Sapphire Price.

The colour of the gemstone has an impact in affected the blue Sapphire Price and value. The Royal Blue colour is considered as the best colour for blue sapphire gemstones as it has a medium to the dark tone of the colour blue with high saturation. This creates an incredible deep vivid blue Neelam stone which is highly south after. But, the popularity of the blue sapphire stones can also vary in different parts of the world. In Australia, cornflower blue is considered as the most popular form of blue sapphire gemstone, and it has a medium tone and is not as dark as royal blue sapphire gemstones.

Usually, deeper tones and higher saturations will push the blue sapphire price upwards. However, once the tone of the gemstone crosses a certain point where the gem begins appear too dark, the Neelam stone will lose its value and will be available at cheaper rates compared to lighter coloured blue sapphire stones.