How Italian leather bags got popularity in UK


With the growing trend in our daily lives, bags are all set to emphasise their heritage besides adding value to its upcoming products. Whether it is shopping or school bags, each one has different value to count. Well, let’s know how bags are standing out to compliment someone’s image today.

Italian leather bags:

Most visited and old cities of UK bear the witness of raising demands of Italian leather bags UK since its ancient time. Cities like Pistoia, Venice, and Pisa have become word of mouth for introducing beautiful bags and pursue in Italy. In Tuscany, production of the best Italian tanneries happened in the 12th century. Principally, cow and buffalo skin and for more refined skins, calf and chamois’ hide were in use.

Evolution of bags:

Since many decades, handbags have historically been carriers of beauty and status at the same pace. Nowadays, there are different styles or variations are available that people can choose from. However, the term handbag came into existence in early 1900’s and in general it was being carried by the men. With a sudden inspiration, handbags are started coming forth with complicated fasteners, internal locks and sections. Starting with general use at the very beginning, hand-made bags started evolving. Whether it is plants’ fibre, animal skins or other artificial elements, all are being processed since ancient times to produce bags of different size, texture, colour, and shape to complement a look some loves to flaunt. Starting from beads, gems or expensive metals, all are used for decorations. Soon the handbags have started conferring the status; it provoked millions of people to spend enormous prices. Even, you would feel surprised hearing how a Vintage Crocodile Hermes Birkin bag with diamond clasps was sold for approx. $6400000.

Men and women both used to carry bags during the Middle Ages, which were used to sling across the shoulder or hung from the waist. Such bags were specially made for travelling. Small coin purses came into use to contain money for fun or to donate them to beggars. Later, women started using bags hanging from belts to carry their personal item. In the 18th century, the first version of modern pursue came into existence. Until then, women used to hang pear –shaped pockets under their clothes.

In the twentieth century, handbags become women’s fashion statement, and that was where Chanel saw the opportunity to manage and increase their popularity up to a great extent. Lovely quilted clutch with the chain strap stole most hearts across the country. Spaceage synthetics from Panda, Hand–woven straws by Cavalli, rainproof bags by Gucci, leather shoulder bags from Fendi, delicate fabric handbags from Cellini are as trendy as affordable to complement you at different occasion.

Designer bags today are on demand in everyone’s life and trend conscious people find it hard to keep their eyes off from the latest designs and models. Amongst the list of fashionable bags, Italian leather bags UK is counted as the best one that you shouldn’t miss passing to your family members. Whether it is Prada, Gucci, Cellini and Fendi, all are elegant and finely crafted bags that look wonderful and comes into everyone’s admiration.