How to celebrate the birthdays of your married best friends


Isn’t it one of the best things that your best friends get married and their birthdays too fall on the same day? Wow! This is like too much celebration in one day. Well, your friends have always been there for you and you have been there for them too which is why seeing them happy makes you the happiest person in the world. You can also increase this happiness tenfold by celebrating them and the day they were born. For this, we have compiled some birthday ideas which will help you and give you a head start.

#1. Throw a surprise birthday party for them

This is not something that they will expect but it will make them feel overwhelmed. You can invite their closest friends and their family and then give them a surprise after they come back from work at night with the grand celebrating awaiting them. They are going to love you for it.

#2. Buy lots of gifts for them

There is thing with best friends where they share almost everything with each other. So, they must have told you about the things that they have been thinking of buying. You can also visit online websites and look out for birthday gift for husband and birthday gift for wife. You can even get both the gifts that you get for them customized into ‘He’ and ‘She’. It is going to be super cute and make them feel oh so special!

#3. Bake a cake for them

This will be the sweetest gesture. You can bake a beautiful cake for them and then write something on top of it, something that is only between the three of you. You can then order their favourite cuisine, make them cut the cake, drink some wine and go down the memory lane. It is going to be a perfect birthday start/end for them.

#4. Prepare a video

You can also make a combined video for them with messages from their parents, in-laws, and closest friends turned into family. Also, insert pictures right from when you guys met till the present day and a perfect song that is like ‘your’ song. This will show them how much you love and adore them and how strong your bond is. They are going to cry seeing the video and love you for the kind of effort that you have put in making them feel special.

#5. Send them on a romantic getaway

What would be more perfect than sending the lovebirds on a short and loveable honeymoon. Knowing them, you can plan a secret getaway for them and just send them the tickets or drop by and hand it over to them surprising them with the exotic location, the relaxing spas, and the breath-taking resort. They are going to jump with excitement!

#6. Organise a treasure hunt

Almost every one of us has played treasure hunt while growing up. So, why not organize one for their birthday? Write clues that will take them back to the times when they were young and still figuring out things in life like their college and school. You can even hide gifts at every location. Then, while finding their gifts, put the last gift at the same location for both and let them bump into each other while finding it. You can call all your friends and their family at that same spot and cut their birthday cake there itself.

These are some of the ways in which you can celebrate your friend’s birthdays. Let us know if you would like to add some more to the list!