How to Choose a Stunt Scooter


A little more than a decade ago, metal alloy scooters began to grow in popularity. They were built on the same principles as some older scooters, but were made in a much more streamlined fashion. These new scooters had large wheels that were designed for speed and durability. The scooters were thin and lightweight with a strong metal framework. They have endured such popularity for years. There are many different options for scooters. Also, as the popularity of metal alloy scooters grew, many people found that they offered unique opportunities to do stunts.

Scooter Stunts

The stunts done on a scooter are often similar to the stunts done on rollerblades or skateboards. They involve grinding rails and ledges, jumping obstacles, and riding ramps. There are also some scooter-specific stunts that are more like bicycle stunts. You can whip the deck of the scooter around as you jump obstacles and other feats. The best way to achieve such feats is with a stunt scooter. You need one that is specifically designed for doing these kind of activities. Some of the best scooters for stunts are Slick Willies scooters.

Stunt Scooter Features

The scooters that are used for stunts have unique features that make them perfect for doing stunts. For one, they are made from metal alloy so that they are lightweight, but also durable. Your scooter needs to be light enough that you can easily control it while doing stunts; however, it needs to be durable enough that it can withstand your entire weight coming down on it over and over.

Furthermore, a stunt scooter needs to have grind rails. Grind rails are designed to provide stability and security when you are grinding on rails. The grind rail will be made of a harder and more durable metal that will not warp or degrade as you grind rails. It will withstand the impact of you landing on a metal rail with your weight. Also, grind rails provide stability to your scooter’s deck. They’re for your protection as well as the protection of your scooter. Furthermore, the scooter needs to have a deck that pivots easily.

One of the most common stunts involves using your handlebars to spin the deck around. The deck has to be easy to spin for that trick to work. A good stunt scooter will have bearings that make the deck spin very effectively.

Finally, the wheels on a stunt scooter need to be durable ones that are made of a strong material. Typically, they are made of a hard polyurethane of some kind. The hardness of the wheels will make them fast, but the polyurethane construction will make them soft enough to absorb impacts and provide reliable traction. They also need to have bearings that allow the wheels to spin fast.