How To Choose An Engagement Ring For The Right Moment


Connecting with someone special in life is a dream come true. Choosing an inappropriate engagement ring might ruin the moment. You do require some amount of knowledge on choosing the right engagement ring for your special one.

Band Shape and Material

Engagement rings band generally comes in circular shape until and unless you need some custom shaped band for the finger. Material vary from gold, silver, white gold to platinum. Gold can be recognized by the yellowish-orange tint in it while silver is sparkling metallic in color. White Gold is a blend of gold and metals alloyed together to give a whitish appearance. Platinum is the strongest and has a dull finish into it.

Size and Fit

It would be quite embarrassing that you try to put, and the ring is either too tight or loose. For this, you need to figure out your girl’s finger size while talking to her and smartly matching one of your finger’s diameter with it. It would be quite easy to try the ring size that matches the finger, and there you go.

Perfect Ring Needs Perfect Craftsmanship

You do require a skilled and professional jeweller who has a good reputation and name in design and craft. This needs a bit of research, or you may explore it online too. There are various online jewellers available whose craft and designs are outstanding.

Get to know her well

Before choosing a ring for her, get to know her choice. This should never be done directly as the surprises are never given with prior consent. However, you should be little tricky in doing that. Take her out to a jewellery shop someday and tell her that you wish to choose a ring for your friend. You would definitely do some other tricks suitable to your wish. Ultimately, you would get to know her choice that would really help you to give her a pleasant surprise.

Think about Durability and Practical Aspects in a Ring

The engagement ring is not something that she wears one timed. It is something that fits snugged for years once wore. You need to choose the kind of attachments and settings which suits her lifestyle. If she is into too much of home-related tasks like maintaining and taking care of home, you should buy a strong and most practical model out there. However, if she runs her finger just on the keys of her mobile phone or computer, you may go bit delicate here.

How much is your Budget?

This is a very important factor because with simple to the most complicated looking rings, the prices vary with a huge amount. You should find a perfect blend of craftsmanship, requirement and budget in this case.

Is it a Diamond?

You may go for a simple ring with no embedded diamond in it. It has its own beauty and simplicity. However, if you wish to go for the diamond embedded in it, you should look into some key points. Engagement diamond rings are usually made one carat.  You may go for your desired carat limit. Diamonds are crafted in various cuts and designs. Going with a big one on a small ring might seem odd. Choose the one who please your visual senses. Engagements rings are available in the many popular brands like A.Jaffe, Benchmark, Christian Bauer, JB Star etc. at the reputed jewellers.