How to Decorate the Company for Christmas Dinner


In the big companies the dinner or Christmas party is usually paid by companies in charge of organizing events, so that employees are limited to attend and enjoy the evening, however in smaller work environments often the same employees are participants of the process, decorating the office and finalizing the details for the Christmas meetings. If this year the dinner or the Christmas cocktail will be inside the office, we give you some good advice about how to decorate the company for Christmas dinner

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Steps to follow:

  • In principle, and in order for the office to breathe a more Christmas atmosphere, it is advisable to place a Christmas tree during the first days of December, or near the dinner date, if you want to know how to do it we give you the keys here

  • Prepare in space where dinner will take place, if there is no place for all employees to sit down for dinner, then it is best to organize a cocktail with pica a pica, in that case you will still have to have a space where you will serve the food, it can be in a meeting room, or in a place with little traffic where you can install a large table.

  • Cover the table with a simple tablecloth with Christmas colors, it could be red or green, buy elegant paper napkins, gold or silver that give a bright touch to the decoration and together with the food do not forget to place some simple centerpieces but striking as decoration. We show you some easy examples to make here.

  • If there are few in the company and there is room for everyone to sit down at the table then you will be interested in knowing how to decorate it, we give you some indications here.

  • To make all employees participate in this event, you can propose a contest of door decoration one week before the dinner, each department should decorate the door that corresponds to Christmas, and finally the day of the dinner will be known to the winner, who will receive a special prize. This idea is interesting if you have some budget to buy good gifts, because it encourages healthy competition and above all teamwork with a fun purpose.

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  • It is evident that you cannot decorate all the corners of the company, but there are places where you should breathe the Christmas atmosphere, for example at the entrance if there is a reception placed in it some garlands so that whoever arrives feels infected with the Christmas spirit. Include a tree somewhere, and do not forget to make the food and drink table a striking place where you really breathe a Christmas air.

  • And to start the celebration with all of the law is important to address some words to your employees, if you do not know where to start we give you some tips to prepare a speech for the company’s Christmas dinner.

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  • If Plan the decoration and the Christmas dinner with time because it may be necessary to move furniture and look for spaces
  • you do not have a conference room, install the table of food in a place with little traffic away from computers and valuable electronic devices to avoid an accident.