How To Make A Floral Wedding Crown?


Ditch the veil and choose a floral crown. We have rounded up simple ways on how to make a gorgeous floral wedding crown.

Not only floral crowns are ideal for simple gatherings or garden parties, because they are popularly used in a wedding. For bridesmaid, they are one of the beautiful ways to make best use of the fresh blossoms and stand out among the crowd while wearing their long sleeve bridesmaid dresses. Simply pick or buy your desired flowers and clip them to a wire base. Now, enjoy the luxury of having a special, gorgeous headpiece.

Whether it is an outside wedding or a beach wedding, you can find flower wedding crowns just around everywhere. Here is how to make your own.

Choose your flowers

Of course, you want to start your floral crown with a layer of beautiful flowers that cover the wire. This will serve as the base of your crown. As possible, choose a combination of small and large ones. Make sure to choose some un-flowered foliage. It is recommended to trim off the leaves on the stem nearby bloom.

Measure the floral wire’s length around your head

When measuring, it is advised to leave around one-fourth inch of wiggle space since you are going to pack it with a lot of greenery. Remove the excessive wire; the rest should be formed into a spherical shape.

Choose some flexible items of your un-flowered greenery, use short wire lengths to shelter it to the wire base.

You will suddenly notice that it is a circle of greenery, not a circle of floral wire. This will serve as the base for your awesome creation. Now, combine it with an array of un-flowered greens.

Add flowers

Make sure the stems of flowers are at least three inches long to attach all flowers to the crown. Tape the stem to your crown using a floral tape. Similar to greenery, make certain the tape around the stem stays for about 4 to 5 times.

Secure the flower to the base of greenery by covering a spiral floral wire around the stem

If the stem is more than a one-half inch, it may be necessary to secure the flower using a wire at the stem’s end and at the bloom’s bottom. Make sure the ends of the wire are not pointing to the circle within. This is to avoid poking of your scalp when the crown has been putted onto.

Additional tip:

In order to make an even look on the crown’s ends, use a piece of greenery similar to the one you started with and turn it the reverse way – wrap it to the end using florist tape so that the stems’ ends will be covered.

When arranging the flowers, begin to the side of center, which leaves a gap in between. Arrange your flowers to ensure they’re facing similar way. When you are done with the sides, choose the element to be used as your central point.

Enjoy these easy and modish tips to create your own dazzling floral wedding gowns or lace bridesmaid dresses! If you want to get more wedding ideas, particularly on bridesmaid dresses, Bridesmaid Only can help a lot. They can assist how to style your flower crown so it would match perfectly with your gown.