Men’s Ethnic Wear is a Symbol of Unique Style and Sophistication


Indian fashion industry is versatile and unique. It blends with traditional, trendy and contemporary style to give it a name called Indo Western style. More and more styles arrive in the market which is blended with ethnicity. Indian men can mix Indian and western styles to give it a touch of elegance.

Not all prefer completely traditional outfits that is why fashion industry is always brainstorming to come out with something which is traditional yet trendy. Wedding, traditional events and occasions are the time when traditional outfits like sherwani and Kurta for men are a lot in demand.

Here are few outfits for men in the market, which can give you an idea of the recent fashion trends that never change –

  • Formal Indian wear
  • Semi formal Indian wear
  • Casual Indian wear
  • Bottoms
  • Accessories

Formal Indian wear

Formal wears are suitable for weddings, festivals and ceremonies. There are various types of sherwanis, achkan, bundhgala and Indian suits. Let’s understand one by one.

Sherwanis can be divided into four types-

  • A classic sherwani is the most simple and basic straight flare that flows down up to your knee. Its quality is known through its embroidered work and royalty.
  • Asymmetric sherwani is another stylish outfit with asymmetric collar. Since the material used is filled with heavy embroidery therefore, wearing it with a plain cotton chooridar with dupatta and a jooti gives it a perfect look for a formal occasion.
  • Jacket sherwani is too much in trend these days due to the long jacket attached to it.
  • Indo western sherwani is the perfect blend of east and west. Some people want to wear ethnic but would also like to feel comfortable in their outfit, for them this outfit was introduced.

Achkan is similar to sherwani but have buttons in the front. Sherwani can be in any design, but the buttons are a must, if it is to be made like an achkan.

Bundhgala and Indian suit are similar to each other as they are in the form of short jackets worn with either chooridar or cotton pants. However, the first has a closed neck and the latter has the touch of western suit.

Semi formal Indian wear

These are perfect for opening ceremonies, orations and graduation parties. Nehru jacket is common that can be worn either with shirt pant or with plain kurta pyjama. There are endless types of Nehru jackets available that you can match it with your attire on the store. Then is the safari suit, a hip length jacket, which is very plain simple and is combined with trousers.

Casual Indian wear

People want to look trendy and want to wear a comfortable outfit for a traditional occasion. Here comes long cotton kurtas which can go with cotton pyjamas or some prefer wearing it with jeans. Some also make it a point to wear a Bandi, a waist coat, with kurtas to make it look more elegant.


Dhoti, chooridar, salwar, pyjama are the best bottom wears that go with any traditional outfit. The colour can be matched or sometimes contrast attracts more.


You might be shocked to hear that apart from turban, dupattas, jootis, men have jewellery to wear of their choice in Indian attires. A turban brooch, pearl necklace and a bracelet completes your attire perfectly.

These are few of the Indian ethnic wear for men that can be added to your wardrobe. They can be worn on any occasion even if it isn’t a traditional one. All you have to do is match it with some western outfit and give it a go.