Moncler Jackets- A Trendsetting Reign That Never Underlies Amidst Challenges


With the weather as unpredictable as ever, the winter jacket is one of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe. Make sure you don’t miss out on the Moncler winter jackets sale for both men and women that has got a fantastic collection.

Winter might wait until the last week of December to make its formal announcement, but the chill post-sunset arrives much earlier. And nothing could be better than an evening stroll with the winter jacket. Now, those who prefer following the trend and keep up with the fashion statement, cannot keep wearing one jacket for seasons together. They ought to get a new jacket each season, and choosing the right one will need a series of decisions to make.

As far as the 2017 winter jackets trends are concerned, it is all about the over-sized coats with body-hugging clothes underneath. So while you’re up for the next vacation or corporate tour in this biting cold, having a jacket that has practicality and durability intact is quintessential. Moncler has always had a name for the fusion they have made with the outwear and luxury sportswear. Over the years, they have finally made it to the New York Fashion Week with their classic puffer jacket being a dominant high-end street style.

With the Moncler jacket sale figure rising higher than ever, the renowned brand is enjoying a luxury Renaissance finally overcoming their fall at the very beginning of the 21st century. There have been multiple experiments done by the brand, but what helped them in reviving was the attempt of regenerating the Alp style and placing it craftily in the street style category. Later on, Moncler even decided to collaborate with other designers who could give the subtle, yet smooth finish giving the brand its global recognition. They have made it possible to bring in silk and fur trimming within the products connecting international fashion standards with easy accessibility.

While the early generations of Moncler jackets were mostly designed to warm the climbers on the highest peaks and the sportsperson at the Olympics, it was the late 1970s when the brand started featuring into winter sports tourism, and that helped them to stick the label of a cult brand. From being an essentially European brand to find an international recognition, the brand has achieved a static growth, and tag of a luxurious brand on its way.

However, a major share of this success goes to Remo Ruffini who have brought in innovative style features and metamorphosed the entire course of movement. Having a jacket that could be used only in the mountains doesn’t serve the purpose of a brand, and hence he started working on the quality and visibility of the products. He realized that without good technology, it is never possible to deliver the best quality products in the market, and that will not place them in reputed stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, SSENSE.

However, it is naive to expect that any particular brand will be sustaining growth forever keeping the figures higher than the market average. To keep the Moncler jacket for women an everlasting phenomena, there have to be certain things that the brand needs to take care of. To some extent, they have once faced the narrow product range, and that has posed a threat to their business. Coming out of it was not smooth, and that eve stunted the momentum for the brand. Continuing with the same could even trigger their rate of under performance, the last thing that Remo Ruffini ever wanted on this planet.

As their stores keep opening across multiple nations, the design and production team also went over a massive change. They have rightly recognized how the two-thirds of true luxury consumers have started shifting from formal wear to casual wears. Hence it was Moncler’s notion to design the wardrobes of their luxury consumers with the most stylish jackets that they could come up with.

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