Necklaces styles to consider today


Jewelry types range from hair and head ornaments (including earrings, fascinator, hairpin, hatpin, Sarpech or Aigrette, crowns, coronet, tiara among others), neck, arms, hands and body However, popularity for each and every type will obviously vary. For instance, engagement rings and diamond earrings are some of the most popular types of jewelry to buy from an online jewelry store. Below are some of the common necklaces styles to consider.

Chains: There are different types of chains including the link chain, which is available in many patterns. Box chains, which are made of interconnected series of square-shaped links, are strong and great for hanging pendants or charms.

Herringbone chains are usually worn alone and feature a series of short, flat links in two or more rows. Rope chains feature two thick spiral-like strands that are woven together. Snake chains are smooth flexible tube-like series of round metal rings that are joined together. They assume the shape of a snake. The omega chain is made up of rectangular smooth rounded metal plates that appear side by side and flat in shape.

Chains also come in different clasps that require being strong enough to support the weight of longer chains. Shorter chains are better with clasps that are easy to fasten especially if you will be wearing it yourself without help. The various types of clasps include barrel, lobster claw, and spring ring. The latter is round and will open with a coil spring and is heavier on better chains for more durability. The lobster claw is the most popular clasp and resembles its name while the barrel is a square wire that fits into a barrel-shaped tube and locks into place.

Necklace styles: There are different types of necklace styles including the chain, chocker, collar, lariat, long and long pendant necklaces. Below are the explanations for various types of necklaces for those looking for items — e.g. gift items from an online jewelry store.

– Chain necklace: These delicate pieces are made of gold or silver or some are made of gold and appear also in different styles. Chocker necklace is a close-fitting necklace worn around the neck and typically 13-15 inches in length. They are made of velvet, plastic, beads, leather and metal as well as other materials.

– Collar necklace: This kind of necklace lies flat to the body instead of hanging freely. They are 14 inches in chain length.

– Lariat necklace: This very long variation on the rope does not feature a clasp. It is often worn draped several times around the neck. The ends can be crossed over, looped, or knotted in many ways. To be worn as a lasso-style, it incorporates a loop at one or both ends. A loop can also be formed in the middle and then the necklace worn doubled over with the ends passing through the loop. The other style is the long necklace which is around 22-42 inches in length while the long pendant type has pendants attached by a small loop.

– Locket necklace: The pendant opens to space for storing a photo. These types come in ovals, hearts and circles and many other shapes and are made of precious metals such as gold or silver.

– Religious necklaces: The pendant on these feature religious symbol like a cross, rosary, Star of David, crucifix and more.

– Statement necklace: The bold, intentionally large pieces have bulky pendants and ornate details.

– Short pendant necklaces: The pendant is attached by a small loop to a necklace that is typically 16-18 inches in length.

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