Refocusing Your Vision With Prescription Sunglasses


Prescription eyeglasses are glasses specifically for a patient’s vision problem. These types of glasses are custom made for a specific problem and can be used for the correction of any condition. After an eye exam, the doctor informs you of the trouble you are going through with regard to your vision. On a broad scale these could mean two things; either you are farsighted, where the prescription sheet may have a ‘+’ sign or near sighted, which indicates a ‘-’ sign.

Often, people who use contact lenses have a problem completing their errands outdoors. Dust, wind and sometimes water can mar their vision. Prescription sunglasses came into being for such active people who had to go about their routine tasks without bothering their vision.

With prescription sunglasses coming to the fore, there were options of wearing them when one headed out in the sun without the hassle of not being able to see correctly. For those who have been very particular about clarity, prescription sunglasses are nothing short of a boon. There was a stiff competition not so long ago between wearers of contact lenses and those using prescription sunglasses. While people using contact lenses argue the freedom of moving without managing their frames, prescription sunglass wearers were more than happy to be sure of viewing things clearly with a frame that can be frequently cleaned and did not block their vision on account of sunlight, dust or pollution. 

The categories have become rather distinct. Contact lens wearers have agreed to wearing prescription sunglasses for long hours of driving, being outdoors and believe to value their sunglasses as a practical alternative.

Advantages of prescription sunglasses

Generally, people with poor vision tend to be a bit handicapped without their glasses. Because prescription sunglasses are available for practically any lens prescription, and this includes bifocal and progressive lens options, these are a huge hit for sunglass lovers. Whether you are presbyopic and need specific lenses to help you read magazines, books, tablets etc., the prescription sunglasses will allow you to manage your distance vision and help you read as well.

It is a myth that prescription sunglasses cannot be worn stylishly. The making and styling of prescription sunglass frames is virtually the same as the non-prescriptive ones. In fact prescription sunglasses are always available with most fashion, designer and celebrity eyewear styles.

For the best prescription eyewear suitable for all kinds of lighting conditions, there are some opticians who recommend eyeglasses with photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses though convenient need the Ultraviolet (UV) rays to activate the tint. In case photochromic lenses are not your type, you could use frame integrated magnetic clip-on sunglasses. You could also check out the eco-friendly wooden sunglasses from FreshForPandas. These are made from sustainable materials with eco-friendly materials in mind. These are beautifully designed frames for all practical and whimsical purposes.

Of course, the availability of certain styles gets a little difficult to source; ditto with very stylistic patterns that are not created often as they distort one’s vision. There are manufacturers though who will go to lengths to acquire the style you choose and it would be a good idea to discuss this with your optician before shelling out some extra money for a sunglass of this type.