Regular process of cleaning your skin


These days, high pollution, dirt, dust and heavy stress can lead to easy break outs in skin and it also makes the skin look dull and worn out. In order to avoid that, one needs to follow a few regular steps of daily cleansing process. One might think that it is a huge task, but it is not. Investing 30 minutes daily for your skin can really do some good to you.

Here is the daily process for face clean up.


Splash some water on your face and then take a natural face cleanser for dry skin or the one suited for your skin type and gently rub all over your face and neck. Then wash it off with cold water. Pat your face with a dry towel. Then apply cleansing milk all over the face and wipe it off firmly in an upward manner with a cotton ball. Clear the remaining residue well to unclog the pores.


Once the dirt is removed from the face it is time to remove the dead skin cells from the face which clog all the pores and make the skin looks dull. Wet your face and apply a scrubber in circular motions. Apply a little pressure on your skin and massage the face for a few minutes. Then wash it with normal water to pat it dry with a clean towel. Scrubbing relaxes your mind and help the skin to breathe properly.

Steam Your Face

This is also a very vital process in face cleaning. One can use a facial steamer if they have one. or else one can take a bowl of water and heat it till it reaches the boiling point and once it is done bend over the bowl and cover the head with a cloth or a soft towel. Keep it there for 5 minutes. Then take a black head remover and scrape away all of them from your skin. Splash your face with cold water or soothe your skin with an ice cube. Then wipe it off with a cotton cloth.

Apply Face Pack

It is the best part of the face cleaning process. This calms down the facial nerves and gives proper rest to it while nourishing the skin. One can use a homemade face pack or buy a suitable one from the market and apply it. For oily or combination skin, one can use a face pack or fuller’s earth or multani mitti. For dry skin use papaya or banana as the main ingredient of the face pack. Apply them and keep it for 15 minutes before washing them off with cold water.


Then follow up with a toner to balance the ph level of your skin. Dab it on your face with your finger tips and then leave it to dry. You can store these liquids in a spray bottle and spray them on your face whenever needed. Toners seal the pores, refresh your skin, and keep it hydrated.

The natural daily face cleanser for dry skin has chemicals and so it is good on skin.