Spinel Gem Verification Is Easy with the Right Gem Store

spinel gem

When you have spinel gemstones in your possession, it is natural to want these stones certified and verified so that you can determine their worth. Verification also allows you to charge the right price if you should decide to sell the gems at some point and there are numerous stores in Thailand that will help you with this verification process. People normally think of a ruby as a spinel gemstone but in fact, a true ruby is not a spinel at all. Spinel gems are normally various shades of red and pink but they can be shades of purple and other colors as well. Throughout Thailand, various stores can help you with reports that show the origin of your gemstone, verify its authenticity, and describe in detail all of its physical characteristics. These reports go a long way in making sure that you get true stones that you are proud to own.

Various Reports for Your Spinel Gems

Spinel gemstones can easily be verified once you find a store that specializes in this task. They provide a variety of reports for you to carry around with you and the reports vary according to the information inside of them and the type of binding they have. They can be simple or quite ornate and they range from a basic card to a leather-bound report that is very fancy and detailed. Professional spinel gem verification in Thailand is easy to get once you find a store that hires experts at this and they can accommodate all types of spinel gemstones of various sizes and weights. If you have these gemstones, it is always good to get some sort of verification regarding the overall quality of the stones. Whether you want a one-page card or a full-length report consisting of several pages, the stores that identify and verify your stone can accommodate you every time.

Detailed Reports Are Beneficial for Many Reasons

The right reports for gem verification include details such as the gem’s background, religious and mythical associations, and dozens of unique details that you likely didn’t know at that point. No two reports are ever the same because no two stones are the same. The reports also include technical information that includes chemical fingerprinting, inclusions found within the gemstone, and every minute detail of the stone so that you can become very familiar with the gem that you have in your possession. Many of these companies also have great websites that include detailed information about their services and full-color photographs of the types of reports that they provide. If you’re interested in one of these reports, Thai stores are here to help and their websites provide detailed contact information in case you have any questions about your particular gemstone. Best of all, it usually doesn’t take long for you to receive the verification report you’re looking for because you can usually count on getting something back from them in a week or less. The reports are also reasonably priced so you won’t have to spend a fortune just to get them.