Spread Music And Love This Raksha Bandhan With Carvaan


Gone are the days where songs were full of meaning and used to bring positive vibes to our lives. With those melodious harmonies, people used to forget their tensions, stress i

Well, if you’re tired of the modern day songs and want to live those old melodies again, n a few seconds.

Time has changed. In this modern era, most of the people wish if they could bring those old times back.

all you need to do is bring Carvaan home.

If you haven’t heard of Carvaan yet, then this is the right place to know everything about it.

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What is Saregama Carvaan?

It is a portable music player which is a total delight for any music lover. Loaded with 5000 old songs, Saregama Carvaan is a journey in itself. A journey that takes you back in the time of all those legendary singers and makes you relive all those moments again.

That’s not even the best feature of this mighty music player. With Saregama Carvaan you can listen to your favorite old melodies in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and Marathi languages.

If you were looking for a Raksha Bandhan gift, then Saregama Carvaan is the best gift for music lovers in the market. A gift that spreads the magic of music to your loved ones and brings happiness into their lives.


  • A huge media library of 5000 songs featuring legendary singers like Muhammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and many more.
  • Battery lasts around 5 hours and can be charged easily with the help of any android mobile charger.
  • If you ever get tired of the pre-loaded songs library, just plug in your personal song collection via USB port and enjoy them anywhere.
  • Wireless Music Streaming via Bluetooth Mode is also available.
  • LCD screen display which helps you choose songs based on your mood and artists.
  • Inbuilt stereo speakers which even lets you use it as a media device for a house party.
  • Can be used as a Laptop/Desktop speaker too.

So, relive the retro life again or gift it to the ones who means a lot in your life. Raksha Bandhan is the festival to spread love, so spread love in your family, friends and the closed ones. Saregama Carvaan comes in 6 different colors:

  • Cherrywood Red
  • Electric Blue
  • Oakwood Brown
  • Porcelain White and
  • Walnut Brown

Choose from any of the above-mentioned colors and bring the legendary world of music to your home. This two in one FM cum music player offers you the best features at a very cheap price. This portable music player comes home in only INR 5,990, a decent price for the quality it offers.

So, if you would like to gift something which is out of the box this rakshabandhan , you can buy Saregama Carvaan online by ordering it from Saregama Carvaan official website. You can even directly gift it to your loved ones through the same too. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make this Raksha Bandhan special.