STX Entertainment works on a range of great movie projects


For more than the last 25 years, Robert Simonds has been a highly successful movie producer whose movies are widely applauded for their great entertainment value. A gifted moviemaker with a strong sense of the movie business, Robert Simonds has always been some sort of a visionary, understanding movie trends long before they become commonplace. It is such abilities that have led him to achieve great success from the very beginning of his movie production career. Therefore when he announced the plans of launching his very own studio and production house STX Entertainment, everybody took notice immediately as it was surely destined to bring in many new good things.

In the recent times, STX Entertainment has made headlines by discussing plans to steer clear of making superhero movies that seem to enamor the audience both in United States as well as the rest of the world. With his new studio STX Entertainment, Robert Simonds is going to focus on creating movies that feature mature content unlike those offered by superhero movies that seem to cater to mainly the audience who are young at heart. Robert Simonds strongly feels that movies with mature content seriously ought to make a comeback, since the superhero genre has only limited capacities when it comes to serious entertainment. This is so because most of the superhero movies have a set pattern of storytelling which curbs creativity and delivers predictable arcs for the superheroes and super villains.

With his new studio STX Entertainment, Robert Simonds hopes to change all of that and appeal to the wider audience base all around the world that he thinks is ready for more mature and intelligent entertainment. STX Entertainment is going to make almost 15 movies a year, with a mid range budget ranging between $20 million and $80 million. This is not only going to offer great entertainment to the viewers but also guarantee fast returns of profits that will benefit both the studio as well as the creative teams that are working on a particular project. Numerous directors, producers and actors who mainly work with movie projects having mature content have already praised the efforts that Robert Simonds has been taking to create a base of new movies that is going to have a lasting impact in the minds of the audience that they prefer to focus on.

Robert Simonds is a producer who has always been known for his unique skills of choosing movie projects that have great entertainment value for a broad range of viewers. Therefore it is no wonder that the movie projects that he and his studio STX Entertainment are going to handle in the next few years are also going to enjoy massive success like the ones that Robert Simonds worked on before in his career as well. Numerous stars with illustrious careers have already expressed their interest on working with STX Entertainment and their upcoming projects. Therefore it can be said that STX Entertainment is all set to usher a new era of great entertainment.