Millions of us dream of a fairy tale wedding. While we may have found our Prince Charming and Cinderella, we may have some difficulty finding the wedding venue that perfectly fits our story. Read on if you’ve been looking for such a place, too:

  • The Wallace Collection, Hertford House

Opulent as opulent can be, this Grade II heritage structure has inspired many with its collection of 18th-century French art. The regal place can comfortably accommodate 160 people. A warning here: the guests may just focus all their attention on the stunning masterpieces around and not the couple! You have the support of an Event Manager throughout the event. Considered as one of London’s most gorgeous venues, Hertford House is the perfect place to start another chapter of your life.

  • The Pavilion at the Tower of London

The exclusivity of the venue is sure to make every guest feel special. With an unparalleled view of the city’s iconic structures, this is one wedding venue in London that few can surpass. Capture the magnificence of the place in your camera as the stunning backdrop pushes you to want to save these moments for posterity. The venue capacity ranges from a 250-1200, depending on the kind of dining you prefer. Delectable food appealing to all palates served by award-winning chefs makes this another excellent talking point of the wedding.

  • Momo

As exclusive as it can get, dining at Momo is an experience in itself. Imagine a wedding reception filled with aesthetically designed indoors, courteous staff, jubilant guests, and a radiant couple. Your wedding party can spread across three distinct sections of the venue- the restaurant with an outdoor terrace, the cocktail bar and lounge, and the vibrant looking Momo café.

  • Star & Garter

The Victorian Ballroom is where the happy couple will exchange their vows. Your fairy tale- like wedding starts with your entrance as you climb the grand staircase that resembles something that is straight out of a fairy-tale. The abundant natural sunlight enlivens the room almost as if in welcome of the bride and groom. An efficient staff caters to all your needs to ensure that you leave only with good memories.

  • Asylum

Don’t let the name fool you. This grade II heritage structure was built in 1826 and has survived a WWII bombing. Let this venue be a symbol of the resilience that you will promise to show in your marriage and the vow of seeing each other through thick and thin. The Chapel is suited to host around 120 guests. However, the venue is not equipped to accommodate sit-down dinners, so you will have to shift the party to some other venue. You could be adventurous and try two separate venues for your wedding day!

Hopefully, you have found your dream wedding venue amongst the lines above. If you have, don’t keep waiting and book it right away!