The best nail shapes for different fingers


If you are gifted with wide and long fingers, then you will need a long nail shape. The best nails shapes for these types of fingers are the almond and the oval shape. These shapes provide an illusion about the fingers being slim. Any nail shape can match slender and long fingers. However, if you want a perfect shape for your narrow and long fingers, then you must try squoval and square shapes for your nails.

Square shapes make the slim hands look elegant and edgy, thus give an illusion that the hands are more extensive. Squoval nails are the same as the square nails, but the difference is that it has oval edges. For the wide and short fingers, the best shapes are round and oval. It gives the hands a feminine look and gives the illusion of long fingers. For the slim and short fingers, all shapes go perfectly though the optimum look is oval and almond as these shapes make the hands look longer.

Mountain peak nail shape

Mountain peak nail shapes are even sharper than the almond-shaped nails, and they are daring and unusual. They can be achieved on the artificial nails as the natural nails cannot offer such strong support. There are at times called stiletto nails as they are pointed and sharp and look like the mini knives. This nail shape is not a practical nail shape, but it is striking. This nail style is a favorite among many celebrities because they make a style statement and make the fingers look slender and long.

Round nail shapes

Though many nail shapes are trendy and stylish, yet it is always better to choose the basic shapes. Round shaped nails can match any design, and it is the best option for those women who want shorter nails. You can easily shape the round ones. For creating this nail shape, it is always better to form it from the square nails. In case you have long nails, then clip your nails into square shape. Once this is done, cut the nail edges until the nail looks like a short nail. After clipping the corners, file it to the round shape. Start with one side of the nail and then file it towards the nail center. Make sure that you stay in a single direction. Round nails should be short and look similar to the oval shaped ones but with a blunt top.