The History of Fur Garments


Fur garments have been around for generations and really came into their own in the 1950s. That’s when designers started creating fur with more casual looks, and since that time, fabulous fur clothing and accessories have never looked back. More popular than ever, modern fur is fun, classy and affordable, and a real fur gilet is one of the best pieces to own now. It goes with every wardrobe item at any time of year.

Genuine fur has always been a luxury piece with sophistication and high glamour, and although these iconic garments still remain that way, fur has seen a resurgence in everyday wear. Pieces are made to be lighter, designed in a simple, sleek way and can also be dyed in stunning pastel shades.

Celebrities around the world are obsessed with wearing gilets made of sumptuous, touchable fur. Stars like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Elizabeth Hurley, Elle Macpherson and others enjoy the stylish ensembles they can create when they toss on a luxe fur gilet and hit the town.

real fur gilet looks lovely on any figure, and most of these vest garments feature a short or long length. The piece will hit around the hips or mid-thigh and provide cozy warmth.

The most important feature is the authentic fur itself. A fur gilet in fox or coney is sexy and elegant because the soft, thick hair is naturally beautiful with head-turning texture. You’ll want to keep touching your fur gilet as will many others.

A coney or fox fur comes in naturally gorgeous neutral shades that go with any colored wardrobe item. Consider chocolate, cream, white, grey, black, mocha and others. If you want to shift things up, collect another fur gilet in light turquoise or pale pink.

There are also fur ponchos and fur jackets to add to your wardrobe. These pieces also offer lots of stylish options all year round.

The beauty in a fur gilet comes with its simple and classic construction. It’s open in front and sleeveless. It’s not an overbearing piece but a fantastic layering garment.

For instance, a fur gilet creates modern girl chicness with jeans, a tee and even sneakers. You can wear boots, stilettos or flats and still make a smashing ensemble.

Some women adore wearing their fur gilet over a maxi dress for a flirty and feminine frock.

Others slip on a fur gilet over sweats and rock it beautifully.

Young or older, every woman with any skin tone and hair color can wear fur. It looks stunning around the decollete, shoulders, arms, neck and face. Fur is an instant makeover for beauty and fashion. A fabulous, real fur gilet is inexpensive, lasts on and on when cared for properly and looks fresh each season.

In other words, a genuine fur gilet is a wise, small investment and also makes a glamorous gift to another woman in your life. You will wear it often for casual or dress-up moments, and it always looks right.