Things to know about diamond studs


Diamond studs are the most versatile and classic pieces of jewelry and are considered as the best gift to give to your loved ones. They are also the perfect pieces even if you buy them for yourself. Diamond studs have got high versatility and due to this they are available in a variety of styles. Well, this sometimes become difficult to decide that which stud shape, size and color will suit you or your loved ones.

Following are the guidelines for you to help buying Diamond Studs:

This is general to be heard that the guidelines to buy diamond studs are not same as those which are for buying engagement rings as diamond studs are not commonly available and diamond rings are open up to everyone as compared to diamond studs. People look more closely to the diamond which is worn on your hand while the diamond stud earrings worn in ears are hidden behind the hair and most of the people are not going to notice the jewelry stuck behind your hair. So when you are thinking to buy a diamond stud, “eye clean” is the phenomenon to take care about. The 4C grades which are to be kept in mind while buying diamond rings, clarity and color are not important in case of diamond studs. When it is about diamond stud, you can choose among the lower color grades based on the skin tone and hair color of yours. But the diamond cut is essential when buying a diamond stud and it has the most important impact over the sparkle and appearance of the diamond.

Diamond cuts

There are basically three most common cuts which are used in the diamond stud earrings and that are princess cut, asscher and round. Normally, the diamond cut of any type which makes a well suited stud earring would be a good option. Only because of this, round’s circular shape and asscher’s and princesses square shapes are popular among the women. On the other side, pear shaped diamonds are the least used diamond cuts in studs as because they have distinctive shapes and they are also not found in matching proportions. So in this case, it becomes difficult to find two exactly matching stones to make one pair of diamond studs.

Carat Weights

Buying engagement ring or even loose diamonds can be favorable to your budgets but buying diamond studs can be tricky sometimes as the carat weight plays a keen role. The other thing is that the side stones enlarge the middle diamond in the ring but there is no such side stones which could enhance the diamond present in the stud. It means that you can’t hide a smaller carat diamond in a stud and you have to keep in mind that while buying diamond studs online, weight is the thing of key importance.