Tips On Dressing Well Without Spending A Bomb!


We often hear people saying, “Dress how you want to be addressed”. Dressing well does not mean you need to spend a fortune on filling your closet with branded and fancy clothing and accessories. It simply means dressing smart and classy.

You do not need the most expensive and fashionable clothes to look gorgeous, all you need to learn is the art of styling. Remember, “Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.”

Here are few tips and tricks which will stand out without burning a hole in your pocket:

  1. Dazzle with Earrings: Earrings can brighten up your face and add on to your entire attire. Have a mix collection of earrings i.e. studs, classy earrings, trendy hoops, traditional jhumkas and mismatched earrings. Wear them according to the occasion and dress. At times you can even go for single diamond earring, as they say, imperfection is beauty.

  1. Set a new trend with sunglasses: Sunglasses not only save your eyes from the scorching sun but also give you an edgy look. Apart from the evergreen aviator and wayfarer style sunglasses, buy some trendy shades like cat-eye sunnies. They make you look fabulous and powerful.

  1. Roll up the sleeves: Give new life to your boring button down shirt by just rolling up the sleeves. You can try the rolled up sleeves look with plain and gingham check shirts to get that ultra-trendy and chic look.

  1. Cuff the bottoms: Do not want to wear the same old denims? Do not throw them away, just cuff the bottoms and they are as good as new. There are various ways to cuff the bottoms like single cuff, double cuff, and twisted cuff.

  1. Use Belts: Accentuate your curves with belts. Team up a polished and designer belt matching your outfit and you are ready to rock the party. Do not play safe, rather buy belts of different colours and shapes. One essential belt is the corset belt, that adds shape to any outfit!

  1. Scarf it up: Bring the oomph factor to your look with colourful and vibrant scarves. Buy good fabric scarves preferably in satin or silk. Scarves can be monochromatic, achromatic, quirky prints or multi-coloured. You can tie them in numerous ways and look stylish.

  1. Experiment with colours: Be a trendsetter and try an unusual colour combination. Try combinations like peach and lime or mint and chocolate or apple green and caramel. P.S. Do not go overboard with colors and wear bizarrely mismatched colours.

  1. Bag it up: Bags can give a classy and chic touch to your look. Buy neutral colour bags like tan, white and black. Invest in bags of different shapes and sizes.

  1. Layer it with necklaces: Layer your pretty dress with statement neck piece and leave an impact on the onlookers. You need not wear a U or V neck dress or top to the necklace. A matching necklace on a turtleneck dress will look uber stylish.

Follow these simple and budget-friendly tips to look classy yet stylish every day.