Tips To Ace A Perfect Eyeliner


Different individual have different preferences in makeup, some find eye makeup more important while others want their lip makeup to be better.  The following blog is for those people who always want to get that eyeliner on point. Some of the tips and tricks about the same are mentioned below.

Things You will need

In order to apply the eyeliner perfectly without any flaw, there is a complete tool kit that is used by most of the professionals. It is quite easy to apply the eyeliner in a perfect way by making use of these.

  • An eyeliner for applying it on the eyelid
  • A concealer to function as the base
  • A primer for making the eyelids smoother

Types of eyeliners to choose from

Choices are never minimal when it comes to fashion and cosmetics. These are the major types of eyeliners used by majority of individuals.

  1. Gel eyeliner

For all those who absolutely adore cat eyes, gel eyeliners are the best of friends. These eyeliners require a proper brush for applying them which makes it easier to apply.

  1. Pencil eyeliner

A pencil eyeliner is the easiest to apply out of every type of eyeliner available on the earth. It is easy as it allows you to properly sketch out the desired shape in the eyeliner.

  1. Liquid eyeliner

Coming to liquid eyeliners, they are the most difficult of them all to apply on the eyelids but once mastered they create the best winged eyeliner patterns.

Tips for applying eyeliner

Having said enough about the types of the eyeliners and the materials that are required to apply eyeliners, let us now hop on to the tips and tricks for applying a perfect eyeliner.

  • Having a place to rest your elbow is very essential when it comes to applying eyeliners in a perfect way. This provides you with a steady hand which is essential to provide you with a steady hand. It is believed that applying eyeliners on a vanity or a table is the best.
  • Using a professional cosmetic mirror for applying eyeliner is something that very few of us actually follow up on. Most of the professional cosmetic mirrors are double sided, one side having a magnified view while the other one harbors a general view. The magnified one allows you to apply the same clearly.
  • Looking towards the down can help you get a perfect eyeliner in a single stroke.
  • While you are trying to create that wing, avoid stretching your eyelids as this can mess with the wing and make it look untidy.
  • You can use tapes for properly applying the eyeliner in the perfect way.
  • Using a credit card or some sort of a card for creating the long stretch of the wing can make it look more tidy.

This is a basic overview of eyeliners, ranging from the material required to properly apply eyeliner to some important tips and tricks. Following some of these can surely help you completely nail that bold eyeliner look that you have always wished for.