Top Five Reasons for Making Sure You have a Copy of Your Birth Certificate


When it comes to your birth certificate, do you know where it is at? When was the last time you needed it? Many people go for years at a time forgetting about their birth certificate. Whether it is tucked away in a closet or they never had one, when it comes time to need it, they simply don’t even know where to start looking. Fortunately, though, it is fairly simple to order a California birth certificate. Let’s take a quick look at several reasons you need to keep a copy of your birth certificate in safe place that is easily accessible if you ever need it.

Reason #1: Getting married

Did you know that many states require you to have a birth certificate when applying for a marriage license? This is one of the main reasons you will need to have access to your birth certificate. Before you apply for a marriage license, call your county clerk to see which pieces of information you will need. This person can tell you if you need a birth certificate or not.

Reason #2: Social Security Card

If you are in need of getting a copy of your Social Security Card, you will most likely be asked to provide a copy of your birth certificate. In addition, you may need another form of identity.

Reason #3: General identification

There are many instances in life in which you may need to provide proof of identity. Your birth certificate will often qualify as an approved form of identity confirmation. Take for example that you purchased airline tickets in your maiden name but you have since been married and have your married name on your driver’s license that is needed to board the plane. The difference in your last name will bring up a red flag, but having your birth certificate with you to prove your maiden name will be of the utmost value to help ensure you get to board the plane and arrive at your destination on time.

Reason #4: Registering for school

Whether it be registering for kindergarten or signing up for college courses at a college or university, you may be asked to provide your birth certificate. Schools often ask for this piece of information because it helps confirm the student’s age as well as the fact that the student is who he or she says is claiming to be.

Reason #5: Getting a passport

If you are wanting to travel out of the country, you will first need to apply and be approved for a passport. In order to apply, though, you will need your California birth certificate. Without this vital piece of information, you will not be able to get approved.