Top Trends of Red Coral Stone Jewelry


Red Coral jewellery has allured people worldwide with their unusual beauty and mystical charm. It is an elegant gemstone that can be studded in different metals to craft stunning jewels. Since antiquity, Red Corals gemstones have been venerated for their vibrancy and metaphysical properties. They can add a lot of style to your persona and uplift your life with their exceptional benefits.

Typically, Red Coral thrives on the skeletons of coral polyps in the deep seas. These skeletons are made of calcium carbonate that stacks to form this soft gemstone. Since it’s easy to carve, Red Coral gemstone grew in its popularity over years. According to the traditional beliefs, a Red Coral associates with the planet Mars and is worn to endow its benefits in life.

If you also want to extract these properties and invoke the power of Moonga in your life, wearing this gemstone close to your skin is the best way for you. Here we have enlisted some authentic Red Coral jewelry designs that you can follow:

Triangular Red Coral Pendant

The premium grade Red Coral gemstone studded in sterling silver or pure gold is a beauty to behold forever. This pendant in a triangular shape can be gifted to a loved one for creating the right impressions. The stone studded in the design is cut as a cabochon for an elegant shape. It goes well with any attire and offers spectacular benefits of Moonga to you. Just like its physiological benefits, the original Pagadam stone (Red Coral in Telugu) also brings many psychological benefits to its wearer. No wonder, people from many ancient cultures clamored to wear this gemstone.

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Stunning Red Coral Bracelet:

The bracelets made from original Moonga stone are one of the hottest gemstone jewelry trends of the year. Find an exquisite and stylish bracelet crafted from pure gold or sterling silver metal. You can prefer a single stone design or a stacking bracelet for a fun look. The single stone design looks elegant for occasions that demand suave style. It should be studded with a natural and pure gemstone with no scratches on its surface. If cut as a cabochon, this gemstone will reflect the lights properly and will appear more beautiful.

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Red Coral with Pearls

This eclectic combination is a perfect choice for modern women. It offers beauty and aura embedded into a single design. Jewelry designed with both of these gemstones exudes perfect radiance and royal touch. It’s suitable for every occasion where you want to look your best. But, it is always advisable to prefer 100% natural gemstones that can bring their enigmatic charm and properties to your life. The red coral price per carat can be slightly higher for such flawless pieces. Given the beauty and benefits they carry, it’s worth your investment.

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Stylish Red Coral Ring

Wearing a ring is the best way to invoke the energy of a gemstone. When buying a stylish Red Coral ring, you must pay attention to the quality of gemstone. It should be untreated and unheated to retain its natural properties. The original Moonga stone price commands the right understanding of its authenticity. If you’re paying a higher price, you should be satisfied with the quality of the gemstone. So, prefer buying them from a leading store.


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Get ready to rev up your style with these top trending Red Coral stone jewelry!